20 Signs You Were Emo In Middle School
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20 Signs You Were Emo In Middle School

You either were in love with Alex Gaskarth, or wanted to be him.

20 Signs You Were Emo In Middle School

1. The sound of a "G" note on piano always caught your attention.

It still does, if we're being honest.

2. Your arms covered in those thick rubber bracelets.

Ryan Ross and Pete Wentz were also your eyeliner goals.

4. You always wanted to go to Warped Tour, but your parents never let you.

Given, you were 12 years old, so maybe your parents made the right call.

5. Speaking of parents, you always forced them to listen to your music and come to concerts with you.

The lucky ones of us were able to convert our parents into emos too.

6. Your walls were covered in pictures of your favorite band members.

You probably cut the pictures out of Alternative Press magazines.

7. Band tees were all you wore.

You absolutely got remarks in class about how weird they were, but you loved them.

8. You always had hair covering one of your eyes.

I'd say we had fringe, but most of us weren't able to perfect that style, so we settled for an awful side-part instead.

9. You secretly loved being called "emo" or "scene".

You pretended to hate the labels, but it always made you know your look was perfect when someone mentioned them.

10. The Fall Out Boy reunion and MCR breakup made you equally emotional.

I still remember exactly what I was doing when both of these happened. You probably do too.

11. You wanted snakebite piercings.

Once again, your parents didn't let you get them. This was also probably because you were 12.

12. You had a bunch of tattoos planned dedicated to your favorite bands.

Thank God 13-year-olds can't get tattoos, otherwise we'd all have the Collide With The Sky house on our thighs.

13. Energy drinks were everything.

You probably had a Rockstar or Monster in your backpack every day. All Time Low could be blamed for the Rockstar addiction.

14. "xD" and ":3" were the only emojis you needed.

You probably stopped using these once you hit 14 years old.

15. You hated One Direction and Justin Bieber like it was your job.

It was all for show, though. You definitely loved them both at one point or another, it was just a secret.

16. Cat whiskers.

You used your dollar-store eyeliner to draw these on once you had finished your makeup.

17. Those cartoons with the two really sad characters.

You know which ones I'm talking about. I don't think any of us ever really knew what they were called at the time, but they were a staple in emo humor.

18. You spent a lot of time trying to convince your non-emo friends to listen to your music.

They hated all of it, but they probably loved Fall Out Boy and Panic! once they became more radio-friendly.

19. Hot Topic was a haven for you from the rest of the world.

Where else was a angsty 13 year old gonna fit in?

20. Looking back, you probably cringe at it all.

You still bop to "Shake It" by Metro Station, though.

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