10 Reasons To Start Loving Yourself TODAY
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10 Reasons To Love Yourself Right Where You Are

It doesn't matter where you are, this applies to ALL of us.

10 Reasons To Love Yourself Right Where You Are

This summer has not been exactly what I imagined when making my New Year's resolutions (I know I am very unique in this), and my self-confidence isn't going how it usually would either. I have been fortunate enough to be raised by a family that has always helped me appreciate the human I am, from my freckles to my career interests. I also have always had friends that hold me while I cry about how a shirt fits me or when I didn't get an exam score that I really wanted. Even with all of these blessings, I still struggle with keeping my confidence at a high. Don't get me wrong, my confidence is always pretty decent.

1. You could die today 


This one may not be helpful, but it's my most honest reason. It's the reason I consistently try to stop the self-deprecating thoughts, stop the pity party, and just remind myself that I would like to die loving who I am as a person.

2. Your body is capable of SO MUCH


A sad fact about me that I know I share with so many people is that I have days where I feel disgusted with how I look. I feel so gross when I look in the mirror. But when I feel like this, I remember that my legs are so strong and can take me where I want to go as fast as I want to get there. I have eyes that see the best in people. I have freckles that make me look sweeter than I am. I am so much more than a body, and so are you.

3. Someone needs you


This is one that has gotten me through my darkest days. No matter where I am at with my own self-worth, I am valuable in so many people's lives. Make your own list if you need to, this one always helps me feel warm and fuzzy, or even just better.

4. Surely you have accomplished something


All of us have accomplished something that makes us truly proud. Whether it's mundane or monumental, all of it matters. Be proud of your accomplishments.

5. What is unique to you?


There are things about me that I know I am exceptional at. I am good at intentionally listening to others, to understanding what people are really saying when they speak, and at dealing with confrontation maturely. I also give great hugs. Look at that — another list of things you can make to love about yourself.

6. You have made it through some CRAP


This one varies, but you have made it over a bump or two in the road. Go you.

7. You have a FRIEND


Friends are optional people. This shows that you can be...wait for it...loved.

8. You're literate 


Small to you, but people all over the world would love to have this power. Congrats.

9. You are not a Kardashian


That's right, this is a reason to love yourself. They're fabulous and they do good, but frankly their priorities are not exactly what I would consider to be in order. Yours are aligned more than theirs, so you beat a Kardashian at life, babe.

10. You are the only YOU


Cheesy yes, but also true. I may be similar to many people, but there is not another human on this planet that is the same as I am. I am me, and no one can take that away from me. So no matter what size my pants are, how many likes I get on Instagram, or what cute boy answers me or does not answer me, I matter. My worth is found in the Big Man Upstairs and I am the one who has to remember that I am incredible today, just the way I am.

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