20 Mind-Boggling Optical Illusions
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20 Mind-Boggling Optical Illusions

Everything from the infamous dress to the rotating snakes

20 Mind-Boggling Optical Illusions

1. The dress

Do you see the dress as blue and black or as gold and white? Well, the dress actually turned out to be black and blue.



2. The wife and the mother in law.

What do you see first? A damsel facing the wall or an old woman wearing a headscarf? Hint: the damsel's ear is the old woman's eye.


3. Photo with Man In High Heels

At first, it seems as if the man is wearing white jeans and high heels until you realize...



4. The impossible fork

Look at it from the bottom and it appears to have three prongs. But look at it from the top and it splits into two.


5. The Moon

Scientists have proposed multiple theories as to why the moon looks bigger on the horizon than it does in the night sky.


6. Troxler's Fading Circle

Stare at the dot in the center for twenty seconds and the circle will fade. The reason this happens is that the eye has a tendency to prioritize and all of your other stimuli fade away.


7. Cafe Wall Illusion

Dubbed this name because it was first observed in a cafe, this illusion has had people divided on whether the gray lines are slanted or straight.


8. Elephant Illusion

Cover the feet and you will see that the elephant has only four legs.


9. Lines that are all the same size

The orientation of the arrowheads is the only difference. This image explains the phenomenon


10. Rotating Snakes

If you focus your eye on just one part of the image for long enough, you will see that it is static.


11. Waterfall by MC Escher

The waterfall seems to start and end at the same level.


12. Tattoo Photo

As the rectangles get smaller, it creates an illusion of infinite depth.


13. Zollner Illusion

Are the lines parallel or tilted?


14. Is the cat going up or down the stairs?


15. Oleg Shuplyak's Illusions

This Ukrainian painter's work makes you look twice.

John Lennonwebneel.com

Uncle Sam webneel.com

16. The Kanizsa Triangle

No, there are no actual triangles here. Your brain fills in the gaps to create a cohesive picture.


17. Lilac Chaser

The reason you are seeing multiple visual effects is due to negative afterimages that are produced as well as Troxler fading.

Optical illusion- lilac chaserwww.youtube.com

18. Wavy Floor

This floor is indeed completely flat.


19. Bunny Duck Painting


20. Cube


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