I'm 20. That number seems so big and so small to me. I have lived for 20 years and made so many friends, but I've been wondering: will any of those people be in my life in another 20 years? When I was younger I really believed I would go to college and instantly fall in love and make friends with the girls who I would be BFFs with forever. Unfortunately, that second part hasn't happened yet.

But I am honestly OK with not having found my girls-for-life yet.

I know that sounds weird because we all crave friendship, even me. I think every young woman finds friends in different ways and for some of us, it can be pretty tough. Do not get me wrong I have an amazing group of friends thanks to my sorority, but there's a chance once college is over those girls will never talk to me again. I talk to people in classes and I have lived with female roommates the entire time I have been in college, but I don't know if I have met that group of ladies that will play silly baby shower games with me and be there to celebrate my dog's 10th birthday with me.

For me, I can be calm knowing that I have the rest of my undergraduate college time, graduate school and whenever I end up working or moving to once all of that is over. Somewhere in all that life, I am living I know I will find amazing young women to share all of my experiences with.

Now, none of this is knocking my current friends. I have so many ladies I absolutely adore, but for a lot of them, they already formed friendships with each other before I met them. It can be hard to insert yourself into an already made friend group, but that does not mean you shouldn't try! If you clicked with one person in a friend group there is a chance you will click with the other few girls in that group as well.

If you are in the same boat as me, just know we are not going to hit a social iceberg and sink. Like I said earlier, 20 can still be a small number. We have so much life to live and I know one of these days I will meet some fantastic women and think, "Yes! These humans are crazy enough to stand by my side forever!" I promise you will have that moment, too.

Who knows, maybe we have all already met the friends we will grow old with and just don't know it yet. I know a lot of "old people" that have told me some of their best friends were there worst nightmares in college, but now they spend countless hours on the phone together and going on ladies-only weekends. Not to mention you have like seven more career changes before you settle into your job so you will have plenty of work BFFs to turn into real BFFs in the next 10 years!