20 Classic Movies to Watch

20 Classic Movies to Watch

A handful of great movies I think everyone should watch.

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Do you love watching 'older' movies? Well, here are my favorite 20 classic movies that I think you should watch! All the way back into the 70's, up through the 80's and into the 90's. (These aren't in any certain order, I love all and recommend you watch all!)

1. The Outsiders

I absolutely love this movie. It was released in 1983 and is an adaptation of the book by S.E. Hinton which was published in 1967. Now this movie is actually a really great representation of the book. It's one of the few adaptations that I actually like! Ponyboy is forever my favorite. Also, all the actors are great! (Helllooooo Patrick Swayze!) They all play their parts well, and the story of the fight betweens the greasers and squares is one that keeps basically everyone entertained!

2. The Goonies

What can I say about this movie without giving it away? Cause honestly it's a treasure hunt in which a group of kids out smart a group of thieving adults that was released in 1985. It's funny, adventurous, keeps you on the edge of your seat, and something I feel the whole family can watch. Need a movie for family night and can't make a decision? Just watch this one! Plus, Corey Feldman is in it, and we all know that any movie with Feldman is going to be humorous. (Especially when his character is named 'Mouth'!)

3. Pretty in Pink

Molly Ringwald, Annie Potts, Jon Cryer, and Andrew McCarthy, oh my! Released in 1986, Pretty in Pink is still a movie that teenagers can relate to. Andie, played by Ringwald, is a very independent girl with her own style and an attitude that will even cut down the mightiest of butt-munches! A teenage love story, with Andie having a crush on a rich boy while her best friend, Duckie, has a crush on her! Wooh, sounds like a lot. But it doesn't stop there for Andie! Want to know more? WATCH THE MOVIE! (You definitely will not regret it.)

4. The Breakfast Club

"But what we found out is that each one of us is a brain... and an athlete... and a basket case... a princess... and a criminal..."

Released in 1985, The Breakfast Club is another movie that high schoolers can relate too. It's just set a little differently. Like, on a Saturday. With them being in detention. It's funny, intriguing and definitely a movie I've watched about a thousand times. I'm hoping that more people have watched it since the premier of it through Pitch Perfect but I'm not going to let my hopes get to high. Just watch it and love it!

5. Wizard of Oz

Ah, the story of a magical land far away from Kansas with tigers, lions and bears, oh my! The story of Dorothy and Toto was released in 1939 and is still a huge hit with many people. A tornado strikes the Kansas town Dorothy resides in and she ends up hitting her head - then waking up in the land of Oz! A couple witches may or may not die, while Dorothy finds friends to help her find a wizard to send her and her 'little dog too' back home.

6. E.T

E.T., the Extra Terrestrial, a movie of an alien getting stranded on Earth after him and his family initially landed to explore a small wooded area outside of a small town. A boy befriends him and makes an effort to keep the alien hidden until it's family can come back for him. But, of course, the secret gets out and the higher ups want to learn more. Watch this adventure and have some kleenex because you may cry, but I promise it ends happily.

7. Mrs. Doubtfire

First of all, I have to say that Robin Williams was a phenomenal actor and he will forever be my favorite. Now, I had this movie on VHS for a long time, the movie itself having been released in 1993, but it's only been within the last five years that I've actually sat down and watched it. Sad, right? But I now adore Mrs. Doubtfire, and have it in my bedroom next to the VCR. It's a great story with its ups and downs, but nonetheless one I think anyone who watches will love.

8. Dragonheart

Okay, I know a lot of people who haven't even heard of this movie before and I got two words to draw people to it. Dragon, and knight. Interesting? I think so. In this movie, released in 1996, a knight befriend the last dragon into an adventure of scamming villagers out of their money by pretending to kill the dragon. And while that may seem like that's all this movie is about, it's not. It has a great friendship and story line that I encourage you to discover on your own. Plus, Sean Connery is the voice of the dragon, so worth watching just for him!

9. Independence Day

A thrilling experience with Will Smith of having our Fourth of July weekend interrupted by a bunch of destruction-hungry aliens that are out for human blood. Released in 1996, this is the movie that helped boost Smith to being one of the best stars around. It's intriguing, slightly terrifying, thought provoking and one of the greatest alien movies I've seen. However, it's definitely not a family night movie!

10. The Labyrinth

"Dance magic dance!"

Ahhhh David Bowie. He plays the goblin king who stole a teenage girl's baby brother after she heatedly said she didn't want him anymore. The movie was released in 1986, with it being kind of like an Alice in Wonderland mixed with a bit of Cinderella spin-off, but much more realistic, I think, as well as the goblin king being much better looking than the Queen of Hearts. Another great movie for the family to watch as Sarah, the grumpy teen, travels through the goblin king's land to get her baby brother back before midnight.

11. Ghostbusters

Do you like things that go bump in the night? Do you like scary demon-looking things or people who are possessed? Then this 1984 hit is just for you! The newer one is meh, this is the best one, I don't care what anyone else says. This movie is the bomb diggitey with terrible puns and an adventure that takes you through the lives of these four men as they battle in a war against phantoms.

12. Gremlins

Truth time. This movie gave me nightmares and I have no idea why. I just know it did, and it was terrible because I couldn't sleep without a night light on. I somehow thought that a mogwai whom was fed after midnight would get me. It's a bit of a horror movie but is also comedic. It was also released in 1984, and I probably would recommend your children be older before you watch it with them. It's like watching a bunch of little demons run around causing havoc, some death, and amusing themselves. I promise it's not bad though! Great movie, definitely would watch again!

13. The Karate Kid

Maybe I like a lot more 80's movies, because this hit was also released in 1984 starring Ralph Macchio and Noriyuki "Pat" Morita. Ralph's character wants to learn karate to protect himself from the bullies, but Pat's character doesn't want to teach it to be used simply as a weapon. After watching the movie and finding out that the bullies themselves take karate with a very angry teacher, Pat's character finally decides to help Ralph's. It's an interesting turn of events, with a lot of leadership and bonds being created. The story line is great, and you must simply "wax on" this title to your list of movies to watch.

14. The Princess Bride

I absolutely love this movie and probably will forever love this movie. It's actually based on a book (that I haven't read) by William Goldman that was published in 1973. The movie was finally released in 1987, bringing the words of a fairytale to life. A young man must find his way back to his true love, battling pirates and a corrupt prince out to even kill his own intended. A great love story with comedy, one you should make your significant other watch on date night!

15. Dirty Dancing

Ugh, I just have a really big appreciation for Patrick Swayze. Great actor, great body, great voice, unfortunately dies of cancer.... Anyways! This movie is of a love story during the summer between a girl dreaming of peace and a man working as a dance instructor at a camp. It was released in 1987, and I think it's still a pretty big hit. It's an interesting story in which the girl takes the place of the instructor's dance partner for a show that was to be performed but the original dance partner can't make it for certain reasons. (Cough, baby, cough.) It has a sad part, but overall is a great movie with laughter, amazing dancing, and Swayze's amazing bod.

16. The Lost Boys

REAL. VAMPIRES. Yes, there are a lot of people who may believe that Twilight was amazing and a huge success. I am not one of those people. The wolves are great, love some of the actors, the books were definitely better, but the vampires... glitter? Nuh uh. In this amazing movie released in 1987, the vampires do what they should in the sun. They explode. Outside of the vampires, though, this movie is a huge hit and is one of my favorite ones to watch. Ever been the new kid in town? Well, this is an interesting twist on a new kid's adventure into the community of his new town.

17. Footloose

Another great teen movie of being the new kid, however, in this kid's new town dance and rock music are illegal. Say what?! Released in 1984, Ren McCormack (played by the young and beautiful Kevin Bacon) moves to this small, Midwestern country town from Chicago, throwing him into a scene he hasn't been in before. With the help of his new friend and love interest, Ren seeks to turn this town back into a fun one. But he has to get through the pastor, his girlfriend's dad, first. (This is the original one, not the one just released. The new one lacks something that this one has, so if you've only seen the new one, you definitely should watch the original!)

18. The NeverEnding Story

Now, this amazeballs movie was adapted from the German book Die Unendliche Geschichte written by Michael Ende that was published in 1979 and then translated to English by Ralph Manheim in 1983. The movie was released in 1984. It's an amazing story about a boy who goes on a mission to save the fantasy world of a novel he's reading. The fantasy world is threatened to die out by the tough of "The Nothing", a darkness that literally creates a void where there were once things and beings. It's a great world full of magic, one that I love and will one day have my kids watch.

19. Rocky

I grew up loving this movie. I love Sylvester Stallone, I love boxing, I love the story, and I love the lessons it teaches. The movie was released in 1976 and is about a small time boxer, Rocky Balboa, who was chosen to box the champion, Apollo Creed, when the original challenger ends up injured. There's a mixture of strength, weakness, love, and a wonder of life in this movie. Rocky sets realistic goals and goes for them, showing that even though he's small-time at the moment, he can definitely make it big.

20. Grease

Another great 70's movie that catches the hearts of many! Released in 1978, Danny is a leather-clad T-Bird who has a cute love affair with a girl over the summer who ends up being an exchange student at his school. The T-Bird's are basically the 'bad boys' of the school, and they control it pretty tightly. The only ones who are able to get away with anything are the Pink Ladies. Intrigued? If you're not, maybe you should watch it because John Travolta is in it!

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