20 Things That Happen When You're A Cat Mom
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20 Things That Happen When You're A Cat Mom

You consider cat hair an accessory, because you never leave home without it!

20 Things That Happen When You're A Cat Mom
Milada Vigerova

Being a #CatLady is one of my greatest joys in life. A lot of people talk about the happiness that having children can bring you, but no one is talking about the pleasures of being a Cat Mom. If you're a Cat Mom, then I'm sure you can relate. If not--get a furry friend! What are you waiting for?!

1. Your home is cat-proof.

Every Cat Mom knows the struggle of having a cat around Christmas time.

2. Everyone--and I mean everyone--that knows you, knows that you have a cat.

I talk about my cat on a regular basis and I'm not sorry.

3. You consider cat hair an accessory, because you never leave home without it!

I wish I could wear black pants that aren't covered in cat hair, but furry clothes are a part of life when you're a Cat Mom.

4. When someone asks if you have kids, you say, "I have a cat." It's basically the same thing, right?

If I have to listen to you talk about your baby, then you have to listen to me talk about my baby.

5. You get offended when someone says they don't like cats.

People who don't like cats are the eighth wonder of the world. HOW?

6. You spend more money on your cat than on yourself.

I'm aware that my cat doesn't even know what Halloween is, but I'm going to buy her a costume anyway.

7. Anytime you're at a party and there's a cat, you have to pet it.

As soon as someone says, "I have a cat," I say, "Where?!"

8. You know how hard it is to get anything done when your cat is around.

Cats always want attention at the least convenient times. It's one of their special talents.

9. At least once a week you contemplate getting another cat.

When I think about all of the cats sitting in shelters needing love, I start fantasizing about taking them all home with me. I HAVE SO MUCH LOVE TO GIVE.

10. Your sleep schedule revolves around your cat's feeding schedule.

Cats are like, "Oh, you're sleeping? Well, I'm hungry. So get up and feed me. Now."

11. You own at least one shirt with cats on it.

Or, if you're an extreme cat lady, you have a shirt with your cat's face on it...and your cat has a matching one. This girl is #CatLadyGoals.

12. Your friends and family tag you in every cute cat video they see.

No matter how many viral cat videos you've seen, you always have time to watch another.

13. And every cat meme.

The heavy breathing cat is one of my personal favorites.

14. You dream of visiting a cat cafe.

Coffee AND cats?! Sign. Me. Up.

15. When you're having a bad day, Googling "cats" makes it better.

There's nothing cute pictures of kittens can't fix.

16. Your camera roll is full of photos of your cat.

Here, let me just show you one picture of my cat...or thirty.

17. Your social media bio probably mentions that you're a cat lover.

Being a cat lover is a lot more uncommon than being a dog lover, so we like to advertise that we are a member of the elite.

18. You talk to your cat like it can understand you.

Every day after school I ask my cat, "What did you do today?" and then listen to her while she meows at me. It doesn't matter that she can't speak English. We're still bonding.

19. You wish you could take your cat everywhere with you.

People take their dogs to the park, to the store, in their car...and my cat just sits at home alone, waiting for me to come back. It's not fair.

20. You don't mind being called a crazy cat lady.

Why yes, I am a crazy cat lady. Thank you for noticing! Want to see a picture of my cat?

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