19 Summer Activities For (Almost) Everybody
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19 Summer Activities For (Almost) Everybody

If you're going to be sweaty, you may as well have a good time.

19 Summer Activities For (Almost) Everybody
Photo by Chaz McGregor on Unsplash

Are you trying to think of ideas to fill your weekends with fun this summer? Well, I’m here to help! Keep scrolling to enter the realm of fun!

P.S. Although many of these options will be child-friendly (I love to spend my days with my favorite little human, a.k.a. my nephew) not all are.

1. Head To The Water

It can be a pool, ocean, river, or lake. Everyone loves the water. You can swim, go boating, fishing, kayaking, crabbing, surfing, paddle boarding, jet skiing, tubing, or more! The world is your oyster! You can bring the kiddos along, or make for a weekend getaway for you and your significant other.

2. Go For A Bike Ride

Whether traveling city streets or a mountain path you can bet you’ll have a good time.

3. Go To A Playground

Kill two birds with one stone! Let the kids have some fun and get a workout in for yourself. Trust me, you’ll be running to keep up!

4. Go To A Park.

Full family fun! You can have a picnic, bring the dog for a game of fetch, play ball, fly a kite! Literally so many options.

5. Climb A Mountain!

Or in my case, hike up it. Imagine what beauty you can find! A hidden waterfall, the view of a lifetime, a family of wild critters roaming about.

6. Explore New Places Of Dining.

Who doesn’t love food?! If you live in Virginia, may I suggest The Apple House?

7. Learn Something New

Read some books or visit a museum.

8. Build A Bear

I don’t know why, but this sounds like a ton of fun.

9. Learn A New Skill

Horseback riding? Knitting? Drawing? Painting?

10. Play Putt-Putt

Have a little friendly competition and catch some rays.

11. Bowling

Love the game, but hate the shoes.

11. Rollerblading

Such a popular activity in the 90's and practically dead now. Let’s bring this one back for the simple fact that I’ve never been able to ice skate.

12. Flower Picking

Soak up that vitamin D and make a beautiful flower arrangement to boot!

13. Visit A Winery

Gossiping with your best friends while enjoying a chilled glass of the best local liquid gold (I’m a white kind of girl myself). What could possibly be better?

14. Weekend-long Movie/show Marathon

I don’t know about the rest of you but I can knock out a show in no time. Just give me a glass of wine, some yummy snacks, and a comfy seat and I’m set.

15. Cook

Learn some new dishes while also taste testing.

16. Visit The Zoo

Who wouldn’t want to make friends with all the cute critters while also learning some new fun facts?

17. Visit An Aquarium

Ask the kids if they can find Nemo, Dory, and the rest of the gang. Boom! Your visit has now also turned into a game of Eye Spy.

18. A Day Of Board Games!

Monopoly may need a day designated for itself alone, but on a second board game day, you can play all sorts of games!

19. Go To The Range

Practice your aim, hone your skill, and have fun while doing it! Plus it's always a nice surprise when you wind up being a better shot than you thought you would.

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