18 things I have learned in 2018

1. Change is hard but necessary

This is very important. I have experienced this in so many ways this year. Not only did I graduate from high school and have to experience the transition from a small high school to a huge university, but I also had to experience my best friend moving over 3 hours away from me. Change is hard, I agree. But sometimes things have to change for us to mature more.

2. Your grades do not define you

I was told this so much in high school. And its true. Your grades do not define you and as far as college is concerned – as long as you keep above a 2.8 GPA your scholarship is still yours. Its okay to make a C in math. Just because you had one or two bad grades in a few hard classes doesn't mean that you aren't going to make the best teacher or nurse out there.

3. Everything happens for a reason. 

Sometimes it may be extremely hard to remember this... but I promise you it's true. Trust the process. The reason may even reveal its self to you in the end. Sometimes good things fall apart so that better things can come together.

4. Procrastination is never key. 

I never really understood this until college. You keep putting all of those easy online classes that you took on hold and then BOOM its finals week and you are doing a semester worth of music in two days.

5. Family is forever 

Make more time for them. They're the ones who are going to be with you through thick or thin. You lose a lot of people in your life, but family is forever.

6. A bad day is not a bad life

Take a deep breath and realize that we all have those days where nothing seems to go right. You wake up late and miss your 7am class and from there nothing seems to go right for the rest of the day. This doesn't mean that your life is terrible. Instead of finding the long list of negatives search for something positive.

7. Don’t take your life so seriously

Laugh a little and keep on keeping on. Stop thinking about what something could've been and start making it what it could be. Our time on earth is limited so have fun while you can

8. Positivity gets you far

This doesn't mean that you can't have a sad moment in your life but don't let that sad moment bring you down. Find the good in every situation and remember that negative comments aren't good for anyone.

9. Be patient 

Most things don't happen over night or in the blink of an eye. Good things take time so never give up. Its not about waiting but how you wait.

10. Be passionate

Don't be afraid to dive head first into something that you love. Putting your all into something is not bad.

11. Sleep is so important

a.If you take psychology you will learn a lot about this. The freshman 15 comes from sleep deprivation. You would be surprised to see how sleep deprivation effects your body and your mental state of mind.

12. Stop stressing over things that don’t matter

Go out in public with no makeup on. Have fun with your life. Go to that party. Do not be so worried about things that will have a very small impact on your future.

13. Sing your favorite song at the top of your lungs

It just makes you feel better honestly

14. Math will always suck 

a.Some people are good at it but definitely not me. Work hard for the things you aren't that good at and maybe you will end up with a B.

15. Not everyone is going to be your friend

I used to worry all the time if I thought someone didn't like me. Chances are they don't hate you, but not everyone has to like you. Just always take the high road in every negative situation.

16. Do the things that scare you

You will feel so much better if you accomplish something that makes you nervous. Be proud of facing your fears, even if it is something small.

17. Always know the road that will lead you home 

No matter where this crazy life takes us, you will always have your family to lean on.

18.  Boys suck

Don't invest too much time in a boy especially if they don't invest the same amount of time into you. Things will eventually work out so don't stress.

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