17 Signs You're Obsessed With Purses

Everyone has that one thing they love. Some people love shoes or clothes. You LOVE purses. There is absolutely no such thing as too many purses.

You treat all of your purses like they're your children and are attached to each and every one of them. You can't get rid of bags even if they're not "in style" anymore, and you're always looking for new purses to add to your collection. You'd do anything and pay anything for a new bag, You know you're obsessed with bags when...

1. You look at purses even when you shouldn't be.

Even though you paid all your bills and have $3 in your account, there's no harm in looking at purses right? Of course, you have a million at home, but it's acceptable to check out some purses so when you actually have money you know what to buy.

2. You don't have any space for your purses because you have so many.

All of your purses have to go somewhere, and you don't have room for them.

3. You can't leave a store without looking at their purses.

Even if you go to a store for a particular item, you can't and won't leave until you take a look at the purses.

4. Your dream is to have a closet where you can put all of your purses on display.

Of course, you want to own every gorgeous purse, but another important goal is for you to have a closet where your purse can be put on display, that way it's easier to pick one to use, and you can see how beautiful they really are.

5. You have a purse for every and any occasion.

You have classy purses for important events. Small cross bodies for a quick store run. Or even a big tote, when you need to carry a lot of things. You have different purses for different purposes!

6. You never get rid of "old purses."

You don't care if they're "outdated" or "out of style," you just can't get rid of them! You've been having the same purses for several years and will keep them forever.

7. You have a dream purse list.

You want millions of purses, and that dream purse list grows daily. Tons of different designer purses are on that list.

8. You cry when a purse gets a stain or ruined.

You are devastated when your purse gets a stain or messed up. You know that is actually one of the saddest things!

9. You're an expert at determining the brand of a purse.

You can just take a quick look at a purse and know what designer it is.

10. You get excited when you see someone with the same purse that you have.

It's amazing when you see someone with the same purse as you. You have great taste, so everyone loves it!

11. Everywhere you go, you're looking at everyone's purse.

Whether it's a trip, vacation, shopping, or even school, you're definitely paying attention to everyone's purse. You just need to see what they look like, and if it's gorgeous it gets added to the buy list.

12. You go everywhere with your purse.

You don't care about what you're doing, you know that your purse is coming with you. Your purse is by your side when you go on dates, appointments, school, or shopping.

13. A purse is what you prefer to spend your money on.

There are lots of things you could choose to spend your money on, and yours is a purse. You'd rather buy a purse than buy anything else.

14. You cry tears of joy when you go into a high-end purse store.

You love stores like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Jimmy Choo, Fendi, and Prada. Everything is so beautiful in there!

15. You look for a purse even though you just got one.

Even though you just bought a bag, you need to look for more because you're going to need to buy another one soon.

16. You never put your purse on the floor.

You would never ever, ever put your baby on the floor, so you obviously can't do the same to your purse. It's also unsanitary and could make your purse dirty.

17. You love when people comment or ask about your purse.

One of the best compliments you can receive is "I love your purse!" Whenever someone asks about your purse, you happily answer them and say where you bought it, and why you love it.

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