At the beginning of the semester, you always tell yourself you're going to wake up an hour before class. You say you're going to give yourself time to shower, go to the dining hall, pick out an outfit, and even study for your biology test. If you're anything like me then you break this promise by the second week of the semester.

Setting your alarm for fifteen minutes before class starts and finding out the last second you can leave your room to get to class at a reasonable time becomes the norm. You hit snooze as many times as you can and you fumble around your room as quietly as you can, trying to not wake up your roommate. You leave your room in the same sweatshirt and slippers that you've worn to class for a week. Those extra minutes of sleep seem priceless, but the cons outweigh the pros.

These are the reasons why setting your alarm earlier and actually getting out of bed is worth it.

1. Avoid outfit malfunctions

No one wants to be that guy.

2. Get breakfast

Starting your day off with a caramel iced coffee and a bagel means it's going to be a good day.

3. Time to shower

4. Look cute for class

Look good, feel good.

5. Won't leave your room a mess

6. Time to make your bed

You'll thank yourself later when your bed is all cozy for your mid-afternoon nap.

7. Won't be in a rush

Running into class a few minutes late, out of breath with beads of sweat down your face is embarrassing.

8. Time to study

9. Be ready to learn.

Waking up 15 minutes before an 8 AM = not being able to keep your eyes open during class.

10. Avoid the stares

11. Avoid last-minute emergencies

Sometimes you wake up with a huge pimple on your nose or your hair looks like you haven't brushed it in years. Crises can be avoided if you give yourself enough time to diffuse the situation.

12. Double check your backpack

After a long night of studying, getting your backpack ready for class is hard. Blue and black look the same at 3 AM.

13. Less stress

14. In case you wake up sick

Some teachers only accept excused absences if you go to the health center before class. If you wake up and feel like you have the flu 10 minutes before class then you're out of luck.

15. Won't have to go back to your room after class

16. Have more time in the day

Waking up early ready for the day means there are more hours for homework, meetings, and most importantly- fun.

17. Get used to the real world

So do yourself a favor and set your alarm 30 minutes earlier and don't hit snooze!