16 Things Sorority Women Are Tired Of Hearing
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16 Things Sorority Women Are Tired Of Hearing

We all know the stereotypes, but does the world know the counterclaims? Here are 16 stereotypes that sorority women are tired of hearing.

16 Things Sorority Women Are Tired Of Hearing

Being in a sorority is the best experience any lady can experience. However, all sorority women alike hear the same things from those not in a sorority. These are all too true and all too frequent.

Ladies, you know what I'm talking about ...

1. You pay for your friends.

This is probably the most commonly used stereotype and also the most inaccurate stereotype. Chapter dues go towards updates to the house, sending members to leadership conferences, helping sisters in need and more. And, let us not forget three meals a day in the house because our kitchen is banging. Not to mention, I am friends with my sisters by choice; not by dollar signs, commas and seven figures.

2. Why are your shirts so big?
Have you ever worn a huge t- shirt? It's absolutely the most comfortable thing in the world.

3. Do you literally have the best Big everrrr?
Now that you ask ... Yes... yes, I do.

4. All sorority girls are stuck up.
Sorority women are open to diversity and willing to build friendships with anyone

5. You're in a srat? But you're so nice ...

Just because we're in a sorority does not mean that our decency automatically dissipates.

6. You must drive a BMW.
Some of us do and some drive Nissans named Gretchen, Jeeps with mud tires, Mini Coopers bought with hard-earned money, or a minivan borrowed from their parents. Some sorority girls even lack a car and travel by foot.

7. Daddy pays for everything.
Parents do help most sisters with tuition and dues. However, many sisters work 10 to 25 hours a week while being a full time student to cover expenses.

8. You must have a drinking problem.

What each sister does in her own time is totally up to her, but to associate a sorority woman with a drinking problem due to her social club is unnecessary. Drinking is not a requirement to be Greek.

9. Being in a sorority is another way of saying "I'm here for an MRS Degree".
Many Greek women become powerful, leading women in the world. Sheryl Crowe, Tory Burch, Sophia Bush, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader, Carrie Underwood, Ginni Rometty, Condoleeza Rice, Kate Spade, Betsey Johnson and so many more. So, no, we are here to serve as leading women in our lives and others'.

10. All you do is party.
We may like to have a good time every once in a while, but we certainly know how to entertain ourselves in other ways. We raise money for our philanthropies, national and local, donate our time to the community, play intramural sports and build our sisterhood.

11. Are you in a "Top Tier"?
Really? Do people still rank Greek houses?

12. They only give bids to girls with rich parents and high social status.
Anyone who signs up to participate in recruitment is eligible to earn a bid card!

13. You have to pretend that you're someone you're not.

In order for the system to work, it is vital for a potential new member to be herself. More often than not, a PMN remains herself and finds a welcoming home in which she fit in with perfectly. There is no need to pretend to be someone you're not.

14. Greeks only talk to other Greeks.
Being some of the most social people on a campus, Greeks are willing to speak with any one person. However, sometimes it seems that Greeks only associate with other Greeks due to the fact that Greeks have much in common with each other, making for easy conversations. Plus, we have tons of social events together.

15. All Greeks are the same.

    The Greek community is one of the most diverse communities that I have ever seen. From NPC, NPHC and IFC, to Beta and Theta, to international students, to a wide variety of majors, there is no two Greeks exactly the same.

    16. Sorority girls are dumb.

    How overused this one stereotype is, and every year this stereotype is proven wrong. Greeks typically have an 85 percent higher chance of graduating and typically have better grades than a non-affiliated student by 25 percent. Why? Usually, chapters and organizations offer incentives for those who obtain superior status in the classroom and their minimum GPAs are almost always significantly higher than that required to avoid academic probation.

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