12 Mindful, Uplifting, Soul-Seeking Women To Add To Your Instagram Feed
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12 Mindful, Uplifting, Soul-Seeking Women To Add To Your Instagram Feed

Nurture yourself by creating an empowering and inspiring Instagram feed.

a grid of six images, each of a different woman.
Hitomi Mochizuki, Dianna Lopez, Alexis Rakun, Ellen Fisher, Rebecca Chelbea, Mahina Alexander, Cornelia Grimsmo, Daisy Clementine Douglas, Sally Mustang, Josje Leyten, Sorelle Amore, Leeor Alexandra

Over the years, I've cultivated an Instagram feed that empowers and educates me. It hasn't always been this way, I definitely used to follow people who made me feel bad about myself or distracted me from the deeper meanings in life.

As a woman in a time where strong women are starting to become more and more mainstream, following strong, wise women on social media has really helped me find strength and inner knowledge inside myself. Not only that, but it's also given me a whole new respect for the women around me.

I have realized that other women are not my competition, they are not my enemy, and I will no longer project jealousy, judgement, or hatred upon them. Now in my mind, women have become the honorable, magical, and powerful figures that they are. This outlook encompasses all women from any and every community.

Most of these women live alternative lifestyle to what society has installed in us since birth. They are a great reminder to follow your dreams, even if they may lead you through hard times. There is so much more out there than we are lead to believe.

While reading about these women, I ask that you hold back on your preconceived opinions and judgements. Instead, take note of what makes you feel uncomfortable, these areas may be beneficial for you to explore further.

They are in no particular order.

1. Hitomi Mochizuki (@yaknowme_hitomi)

A 3 by 4 grid of 12 photos as shown on Hitomi Mochizuki's Instagram page.

Hitomi Mochizuki

One of my favorite teachers, Hitomi, describes herself as a forest nymph in her Instagram bio, and her photos illustrate that. Her content is full of nature, women, and healing. She is an extremely intentional thinker and doer, and there is a lot to learn from her words.

I especially love Hitomi's YouTube channel, Hitomi Mochizuki, where she posts content about her thrifting, spending time with her friends, vegan meals, and daily rituals and advice for healing and self-love. Some of her latest video titles are:

- Cleansing my space and spirit - Sunday Reset Routine

- Healing my relationship to my sexuality - masturbation, kinks, and healing

- Vegan Meals I Eat Every Week *extremely simple*

- Fall Thrift Haul - aesthetic & dreamy pieces

- daily habits that keep me from spiraling into a depression

- A Wholesome Day in Love - Life's Good in Nature

Hitomi even has an app called HitomiNow that can be downloaded for free and offers a few free meditation, yoga, and breathwork videos. The rest can be accessed for $7.99 a month.

2. Dianna Lopez (@_diannalopez)

A 3 by 4 grid of 12 photos as shown on Dianna Lope Instagram page.

Dianna Lopez

Dianna is primarily a musician, but I originally started following her for her beautiful Instagram content. She shares many pictures in nature with women, including Hitomi. She is a big proponent of medicine music and the therapeutic potential of song and voice. She also posts many short videos of her singing and playing instruments.

Her Spotify is Dianna Lopez, and her music is raw, earthy, and emotion-filled.

Through the link in her Instagram bio, she offers her Earth's potion (Facial and Body Spray) for $20 which comes with exclusive access to her audible meditative mini-album called "New Earth".

3. Alexis Rakun (@alexisrakun)

A 3 by 4 grid of 12 photos as shown on Alexis R Instagram page.

Alexis Rakun

Alexis is an artist who creates vibrant and detailed images of women, spiritual experiences, nature, positive and uplifting words, etc. Her art is very unique and spiritually uplifting.

On her website, she offers prints of her art on posters, blankets, pillows, mugs, and calendars.

4. Ellen Fisher (@ellenfisher)

A 3 by 4 grid of 12 photos as shown on Ellen Fisher's Instagram page.

Ellen Fisher

Ellen is a 14-year vegan who lives in Hawai'i with her husband and four children. She has lots of content on the vegan lifestyle, how to raise healthy vegan children, positive parenting, home-birthing, homeschooling, and sustainable living. Ellen's photos are filled with fresh fruits, her beautiful children, Hawai'i's landscapes, and love.

On Ellen's YouTube channel, Ellen Fisher, she offers amazing tips and information on exactly why and how she has chosen the lifestyle that she leads. Here are some examples:

- HAWAII HOMESCHOOL - day in the life

- How to navigate being vegan during the holidays // My Experience

- my positive home birth story // pleasurable & gentle

- Budget & Sustainability Goals for the New Year

- How to start a healthy garden // GARDEN TUTORIAL

- My vegan haircare routine // How to get healthy natural hair

Ellen gives off very wise, maternal energy through her videos, and she always speaks through a researched lens.

5. Rebecca Chelbea (@rebeccachelbea)

A 3 by 4 grid of 12 photos as shown on Rebecca Chelbea's Instagram page.

Rebecca Chelbea

Rebecca's Instagram is a platform in which she promotes body acceptance, taboo-breaking, and positive mindsets. Her posts consist of her sharing photos of her body rolls, body hair, unfiltered photos, "ugly" photos, and self-care.

Her content challenges the social standards that exist on social media and that are placed on women in general. She works to remove the judgmental lens that many of us have when we see women display their natural bodies. Following her has helped me to rewire my view of what makes women beautiful.

Rebecca also has a YouTube channel called Rebecca Chelbea, but most of her videos are in German.

6. Mahina Alexander (@mahinaalexander)

A 3 by 4 grid of 12 photos as shown on Mahina Alexander's Instagram page.

Mahina Alexander

Mahina is a very spiritually connected woman, and her Instagram portrays that. Her photos look magical and mysterious, containing outside-the-box thinking, chakras, rainforest and beach landscapes, written words, and much more. She just birthed her first child, and her journey into motherhood has been exciting to follow thus far.

7. Cornelia Grimsmo (@corneliagrimsmo)

A 3 by 4 grid of 12 photos as shown on Cornelia Grimsmo's Instagram page.

Cornelia Grimsmo

Cornelia's Instagram account is very simple. It consists of photos of her living her life in Norway's Lofoten Islands. Her captions are often short and simple as well. What I really love about Cornelia is her YouTube videos and podcast.

Her YouTube channel, Cornelia Grimsmo, is a great place to find very authentic videos of life and growth. Some are:

- Productive + Fun days (Deep Cleaning My House, Learning Rubix Cube, Harry Potter Marathon..)

- Revealing My Secrets + Real Time Exercise With Me

- To Shave or Not to Shave.. Is That the Question?

- 28 Things I've Learned in 28 Years

- How to make a VISION BOARD that actually works

Cornelia's podcast, brain dump. with Cornelia, can be found on multiple spaces including Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Although she recently just released her last episode, these podcasts are super calming, introspective, and mind-expanding. I highly suggest checking them out. Cornelia covers topics like:

- Happiness vs. Joy (Why it's LIFE CHANGING)

- the Art of Manifesting

- Choosing Career

- Jealousy & Self Doubt

- Making the Most of Negative Situations

- Echo Chamber & Criticism

- Loneliness & Time Management

Cornelia's content makes her another one of my favorite teachers.

8. Leeor Alexandra (@leeoralexandra)

A 3 by 4 grid of 12 photos as shown on Leeor Alexandra's Instagram page.

Leeor Alexandra

Leeor's page is filled with very calming landscapes, lots of personal and borrowed wisdom, and some selfies and short videos. Her content begs thought and reflection of the world and our higher purposes.

I also love Leeor's YouTube channel, Leeor Alexandra, where she creates videos like:

- How to Get Your Life Together EVEN If You Feel Overwhelmed & Stuck

- These 4 DELUSIONS Are Holding You Back From Inner Peace

- 6 Ways Journaling Has Changed Me (& the BEST Daily Journaling Prompts You NEED to Know)

- What the Rest of 2020 Holds for You (Pick-a-Crystal): Channeled Message for the Rest of the Year

- Meditate #WithMe November (Live meditations for 30 days)

I especially enjoy her interactive videos like the last two that I listed. The readings offer some generalized insight depending on which crystal you choose, and her meditations are very personable, including pre- and post-meditation journal prompts.

She also occasionally puts on live Zoom events for different occasions. Her latest one is a manifestation event for 2021, including a December ritual calender, group mediation, breathwork, journal session, astrological explanation, and more for $30. You can find out about these little events through her Instagram and YouTube.

Leeor also sells handcrafted, high-vibrational jewelry, here.

9. Sally Mustang (@sallymustang)

A 3 by 4 grid of 12 photos as shown on Sally Mustang's Instagram page.

Sally Mustang

Sally Mustang might be the person I've followed the longest out of everyone on this list. She has some truly magical energy that has drawn me to her lifestyle more and more over the years.

Sally's feed is full of her beautiful home and the surrounding rainforest, her husband and baby, lots of flowers, women, motherhood realness, yoga, and immense sensuality.

She and her husband, Mitch, met through art and continue to create art together, in many different forms; check out Mitch's page to see some of that. Sally also has a website where she sells yoga mats printed with those similar designs.

On that website, in the top right corner, you can also find Sally and Mitch's online course called Sex of Equality. It is a course about all things sex, communication, exploration, spirituality through sex, a woman's cycle, and much more. The course can be taken by single people or together as a couple. Sally and Mitch have also written a few erotica stories that you can read through their website. They are all sensual, intentional, ravishing, and unique to one another.

Her open conversations around sex, motherhood, and the rawness of being human are refreshing and inspiring. They challenge the taboo's that society has places on our most nature instincts.

10. Daisy Clementine Douglas (@flowersfordais)

A 3 by 4 grid of 12 photos as shown on Daisy Clementine Douglas's Instagram page.

Daisy Clementine Douglas

Daisy is an astrologist who shares her knowledge through Instagram, workshops, private readings, online astrology courses, and podcast interviews. All of these things can be found in her Linktree.

Daisy makes sure to emphasize that no one is a victim to their birth chart. The information that astrology provides is only meant to bring awareness and empowerment. She encourages her followers to only pick up what resonates with them, and leave what does not. This is something that I really respect about Daisy.

When it comes to her Instagram, Daisy's page is full of dreamy hues of blue, pink, and orange. Each aesthetically pleasing photo contains a caption in which Daisy will share the position of the sun and planets and what that could mean for the energetic pulls that affect us here on Earth.

If you are an astrology fan, I highly suggest giving Daisy a follow.

11. Josje Leyten (@josjeleyten)

A 3 by 4 grid of 12 photos as shown on Josje Leyten's Instagram page.

Josje Leyten

Josje has been another one of my favorite people to learn from. Her Instagram is very earthy, natural, and authentic. I first heard of Josje through her YouTube channel, Josje Leyten, where she documented her van life and boat life experiences. Her introspective thoughts, especially in her van life videos, have always been very calming and thought-provoking for me.

Josje also has a podcast called Threads of the Sun where she explores topics such as:

- How to live in relationship with the WHOLE again; philosophical musings with Al Jeffery

- Understanding the evolution of the Soul with Astrologer Daisy Clementine Douglas

- Herbal medicine, holistic health & intuitive powers with Caitlin Covington

- Art, creativity, and the power of ritual & ceremony with Vondove

- The art of letting go and listening to the body

In addition, Josje is an artist and she sells her framed photography online. You can find her podcast, YouTube, shop, Patreon, and website through her LinkTree.

12. Sorelle Amore (@sorelleamore)

A 3 by 4 grid of 12 photos as shown on Sorelle Amore's Instagram page.

Sorelle Amore

Sorelle is a super out-of-the-box thinker who, like many of these women, lives an alternative life to what we have all heard growing up. Her alternative lifestyle offers her a lot more freedom than the typical college-to-office-to-retirement plan does. Sorelle's self-photography makes up most of her Instagram photos, and she also has an online shop where she sells four online courses: Advanced Selfie University, #Blessed Instagram University, Public Figure Bootcamp, and Podcast Mastery (which is by her fiancé who she very recently proposed to).

She even has a podcast that covers all sorts of topics such as:

- Finding Peace in the Unknown and Gracefully Making Drastic Changes in Life

- Freedom of Mind - My method of organizing thoughts and goals for mental clarity

- What The World Shut Down Has Taught Me (And Is Still Teaching Me)

- Relationships, Sex, Love, and Attraction with Leon The Alchemist

If you prefer to watch YouTube videos, Sorelle also offers thought-provoking videos on her channel, Sorelle Amore:

- Freedom During Lockdown - How to Become a Digital Nomad

- 4 Pieces of Advice Every 20 Year Old Needs to Hear

- How I afford the life that I live

- First Time Solo Campervan Trip - Van Life in Iceland

Sorelle describes herself as a weirdo and says that she wouldn't want it any other way. She is a great person to check out if you are looking to embrace your individuality and see what life looks like outside the box.

I hope that you resonated with at least one of these gorgeous women. Writing about them is the least I can do to repay what they have done for my awareness of myself and the world.

Whether you choose to follow any of these ladies or not, do yourself a favor and clean up your Instagram feed so that you are only seeing content that supports and nourishes you.

As always, from me to you, stay curious, support yourself, and spread love.

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