15 Ways You And Your Roommates Can Celebrate Christmas Together
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15 Ways You And Your Roommates Can Celebrate Christmas Together

It's time to get in the holiday spirit even in your college dorm.

15 Ways You And Your Roommates Can Celebrate Christmas Together
Ellen Tucker

Everyone has holiday traditions that run in their family. When you get to college, you find that you share similar traditions with your friends. You also get to learn about new traditions.

Here are a few Christmas themed activities you and your roommates should accomplish this holiday season:

1. Build gingerbread houses.

This is a tradition in my family. It always makes everyone laugh when everyone is struggling to keep the roof of their house from sliding off. The kits aren't expensive and are totally worth getting candy and icing on the carpet.

2. Decorate the tree.

If you're not allowed to have a real tree, purchase a fake one or bring it from home. Pick out your favorite ornaments, put on some Christmas music and decorate away. Don't forget the star.

3. Get stockings for your door.

Personalized stockings are a staple during the holiday season. Having matching stockings and hanging them on your door gets your whole hall excited for Christmas. Bonus points for writing your names on them with glitter glue.

4. Make ugly Christmas sweaters.

There are a handful of ugly Christmas sweater kits on the market. Set aside a night to go crazy with ribbon, felt, and glue. The tackier the better!

5. Go on a tacky light tour.

Every town always has a handful of residents who go crazy with Christmas lights. Take a break from studying for finals and drive around and look at all the lights.

6. Hang lights in your room.

That is if you don't already have them. The more lights the merrier. Be sure to be up to fire code! If you want to make your existing lights more festive, get cheap Christmas ornaments and hang them on the strand between each light.

7. Bake Christmas cookies.

Every family has a type of cookie that they make every holiday season. Share the recipe with your roommates and make them. If you're not the best baker, get store-bought sugar cookie dough or the cookies with trees or snowmen on them.

8. Exchange presents.

Whether you buy your roommates something special or have a white elephant gag gift exchange, this tradition is always fun.

9. Make your room smell like the holidays.

My roommates and I bought Christmas soap and room scent to make our entire suite smell like a Christmas tree or sugar cookies.

10. Go to a tree lighting ceremony.

My college has a Christmas tree lighting on campus every year. Many colleges share this tradition. If yours doesn't, see if the nearest mall or your college town has a tree lighting ceremony.

11. Volunteer in the community.

Participating in community service during the holidays is a great way to give back. Fill a box for Samaritan's Purse, volunteer at a homeless shelter, or donate food to your local food pantry. Community service is important any time of year, but especially around the holidays.

12. Go caroling.

Throw on your tacky sweaters, print out some music, and go caroling. Make your friends laugh and get your whole hall in the holiday mood.

13. Make ornaments.

This one is super simple and is easy to personalize. Be sure to put the date on the ornament. Bonus points if you get a frame ornament and print out a picture of you and your roommates.

14. Have a holiday movie night.

Make some popcorn and hot chocolate and watch your favorite holiday movies from your childhood.

15. Listen to Christmas music all the time.

Put on a playlist of your favorite Christmas songs and listen to it as much as you can. Super easy way to get in the holiday mood.

Happy Holidays!

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