College is the place where you meet some of the most eclectic groups of people. There are people from all over the country and, in some cases, the world. It's a great time to make wonderful connections that could further your education and your work life. However, on the weekends, that's a completely different story. The people you meet out at the bars or at parties are the same people you see everyday or go to the same classes with, but they are in a whole different world. They are more relaxed and probably in a state that shouldn't be mentioned again, ever. Here are some of those people that you are bound to meet when you are out and about on the weekends.

1. The people who try too hard at getting ready

2. The people who pregame a little TOO much

3. The pretentious "bartender"

4. The overemotional girls who have already reached their limit

5. The person who broke the seal too early

6. The person that runs up to you and starts telling you their whole life story

7. The girlfriend of the random guy that's hitting on you

8. The person who was finishing off everyone's drinks

9. The couple you came with who got a little too drunk

10. The designated driver herding the drunks out of the party

11. The people who leave the party to go on a 2 a.m. food run

12. The person falling into bed after a long night out

13. The drunk texter

14. The person that is still drunk when they wake up

15. Everyone the morning after