15 Thoughts That Go Through Your Head Before Taking A Test
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15 Thoughts That Go Through Your Head Before Taking A Test

Testing nerves are often times impossible to avoid. It is natural to feel pressure especially when tests are now proctored online in ways that might cause even more anxiety than if they were in person. Knowing that these feelings and thoughts are completely normal can be extremely helpful!

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Always take a deep breath, have a water bottle at your side and tell yourself that no matter the outcome, the test is not end all be all. There are always opportuities to improve and do better.

Common Test Anxiety Questions:

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1. Did I prepare enough for this?

2. What will be the average score of the entire class be?

3. Will I need to do extra credit if I do poorly on this?

4. Will there be a curve?

5. What will my classmates think if I don't do well? Will they judge me?

6. What percent of my grade is the test worth?

7. Did I eat and drink enough before the test?

8. How long did my peers and classmates study for this?

9. If I take too long on the test, what if I run out of time?

10. Did I study the correct material before going into the test?

11. Should I have slept more the night before?

12. Is my computer charged enough or will it die during my test?

13. Is our professor going to give any free points?

14. Will my parents ask me what I got on my test?

15. If I don't do well, will my professor think less of me?

Again, these thoughts are not out of the ordinary. The other thirty students in your class are thinking the exact same things! Coming as prepared as you can to a test by studying and sleeping well the night before is all you can do!

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