15 Thoughts Every Music Major Has Had

15 Thoughts Every Music Major Has Had

If I Hear Someone Say 'Oh that seems so easy' one more time...

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It was spring of 2014. A bright-eyed high school graduate walked confidently into her collegiate audition. She introduced herself and then her music. At the end of her time with the professors, they told her they were looking forward to seeing her in the fall and she was ecstatic!

If you didn't catch on, that bright-eyed girl was me. Now, I'm the sleep-deprived senior in the cover photo who has been drinking Throat-Coat tea for the last three weeks trying to ward off any semblance of a scratchy voice. And here are 15 thoughts I'm sure every music major has had, at least once!

1. I Think I’ll Take 21 Credits!

Why not? I don’t have to pay extra fees like other majors.

2. This Is Tough

Whether it be a tough song, class, or semester, majoring in music is not for the faint of heart.

3. Why Is That Required Class Also 0 Credits?

Seriously though…

4. Practice, I’m Gonna Practice

30 min lesson = 1 hour of practice a day. So I will at least practice 7 hours this week, right?

5. These Are My People

Finally, a chance to hang out with people who all have the same passion!

6. Can’t, I Have Rehearsal

Hours and hours of playing the same music, just so everyone can be on the same page.

7. How Did I End Up Lugging This Instrument Across Campus?

Note I did not say “my” instrument because there is a high chance that you will end up carrying someone’s clarinet and helping move a timpani… as a vocalist.

8. I Cannot. Get. Sick.

Brb, disinfecting EVERYTHING. If you can’t breathe, you probably can’t play your instrument, so staying healthy is incredibly important.

9. And How Do These Gen. Eds Apply?

I’m sure that science lab is really going to come in handy in my musical career!

10. Nailed It!

That moment when you nail that solo.

11. That Person Is So Good, I Should Just Give Up Now

We all know that one person who is always excellent.

12. This Black Does Not Match That Black

Concert black, the blessing with a hidden curse.

13. Thank God For My Accompanist!

Especially when you have forgotten your sheet music at home and then completely screw up that one measure you've been working on and they cover for you.

14. Wow, I Was A Part Of That

There is no better feeling than making music to the best of your ability with people who are doing the same.

15. Looking Forward To Graduating, Sad To Be Leaving Friends

Can we just be here for a little while longer?

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