Applying for jobs is the worst. The worst. You can set goals for yourself and be diligent, but even the most qualified applicants sometimes go through slumps. There are a gazillion reasons why you may not be getting employers attention that have nothing to do with you or your qualifications, but understanding that doesn’t make the process any easier. Without further adieu, here are 15 things I would rather be doing than applying for jobs.

1. Traveling

2. Drinking wine. Alcohol really, any alcohol.

3. Take a nap.

4. Watch funny animal videos on YouTube.


5. Go window shopping.


6. Actually read an instruction manual.


7. Get in an absurd debate over social media.


8. Have a money tree in my front yard.

9. Have Frank from “Shameless” as my father.

10. Relive Trump getting elected on repeat. Well…That might be too far.

11. Be chased by a pack of velociraptors, I hear they can open doors...

12. Be a velociraptor. Wait...that might be cool actually.

13. Go through high school all over again.

14. Go through middle school all over again. I might immediately regret that decision.

15. Write this article.

Well, back to it! Good luck out there.

P.S. I don’t think money trees are real, I checked.