Getting a puppy was one of the most stressful, exciting, difficult, and best decisions I’ve Ever made. Here are 15 things that happen when you get your first puppy.

1.  Your puppy chooses you. Not the other way around.

Your puppy knows that you belong to each other already.

2. You get way more than what you actually need, because it feels like you’re about to have a child.

Over doing it, is better than not. Right?

3. Comforting them will be a huge deal for a bit.

You have to remember that they’re not with their family anymore, and you’re everything that they have now.

4. You won’t know what sleep is for a few weeks.

Sleep? Ha. That’s funny.

5. Their first vet visit will have you in tears.

I’ve never felt so nervous, and emotional in my life... And my puppy was just fine.

6. Growth is inevitable, but not really noticeable at first.

At first you want them to grow. And then you want the growing to stop.

7. Everyone wants to meet your puppy, and you just want them all to yourself.

Can’t you just admire my baby from afar?!

8. Pictures. Pictures. And more pictures.

Your phone won’t know what hit it, and it definitely won’t have enough storage for what’s coming.

9. You will have a million questions.

Are you feeding them enough? Why do they sleep so much? Is their breathing normal?

10. Cuddles will become apart of every day.

When you finally do get some sleep, best believe you will be doing to together.

11. You start to feel love that you’ve never felt before.

When I say someone, or something is the love of my life, I really mean my puppy. She is the love of my life.

12. You want people to be obsessed with your puppy, as much as you are.

Yes. Scream, squeal, and be in awe of my puppy like I am. It feeds my greedy soul.

13. Pee and poop becomes apart of each day.

It’s not pleasant, but you do get excited when your puppy pees or poops. Believe me, it’s exciting.

14. Your energy better sky rocket.

You better get your ass up, and tire your little one out. If you don’t, you’ll regret it.

15. You have a forever best friend.

This is the start of an amazing chapter in your life. Cherish it. Bask in it. Never forget it.