As much as we make fun of our tight knit little community of Jesus freaks, we wouldn't trade this community for the world.

1. Using silly alternatives to cursing.

"What in tarnation!" "Dang flabbit!" "Gosh darnit!" "Oh shucks!" "Oh my lanta!"

You know it's true. No matter how much you try you can't sound like a hip 20 year old, instead your vocabulary tends to resemble that of a very elderly woman.

2. People constantly asking how they can pray for you.

People constantly ask, and they mean it. "How can I pray for you?" No problem is too little or too big to be prayed about. No matter what, we're on each other's team, in each other's corner. We may have our differences, but prayer never fails to bring us together. Strangers or friends, we as a campus are each other's prayer warriors, genuine and loving, all praise going to the big Lord above.

3. Being able to bring Jesus into any conversation.

I can't even tell you the amount of times my conversations get derailed from my own agenda and transformed by God into a deep conversation about our Savior, Jesus Christ. This is a safe place, a place where speaking of the Lord is not only welcome, but encouraged. One of my favorite conversations was with a friend about how we need to talk about Jesus even MORE. We decided to start randomly saying "I just really LOVE Jesus" in the middle of conversations. Let's just say, this has caught on like wild fire and now my whole group of friends will spontaneously rejoice and share how much they love the Lord. It brings laughter, and it brings glory to His name, probably the best combination there is.

4. Your professors often make Jesus part of their lesson plans.

Having professors who love the Lord with all their hearts, has got to be one of the coolest things. Not only do we learn about Sigmund Freud in psych class, but we also somehow end up always talking about the Lord and leaving class with our brains full of knowledge, and our hearts full of the Lord.

5. "Are you going to chapel?"

As much as we love us some Jesus, getting in all those chapel credits can become the battle of your life. One moment it's the beginning of the semester, the next thing you know it's the last week of school and you have approximately 15 more chapels to attend then is physically possible. You somehow find yourself transforming into Usain Bolt to get to chapel on time and get those credits.

6. Your favorite campus coffee shop drink is called "I'm dating Jesus."

Must I say anymore? Yes, this is a real drink. Yes, I feel awkward ordering it.

7. When "turning up" on a Saturday night means a High School Musical movie marathon and a bottle of sparkling grape juice.

I'm not kidding. Me and my friends take high school musical very seriously. We get pretty wild over the karaoke version. Oh and open a bottle of sparkling grape juice and it's all down hill from there. We are party animals. And sparking grape juice tastes better than it looks ok?

8. When it hits 10pm and that means "balls off the halls!"

RA's happily skip down the halls and announce that it is time to bid farewell to all the male species that are on the floor. Time for them to walk across our two foot wide campus and make the long trek back to the boy dorms.

9. Keeping your door at exactly a 45 degree angle when someone of the opposite sex has bravely come into your room.

No more. No less. Forty-five degrees exactly. It's too risky to try to close it any further, but at the same time I feel it my adult civil duty to express my rights by opening it no wider than the allowed angle.

10. The "RING BY SPRING" epidemic.

The pressure is on. Spring time is almost among us. Will you be a ring by springer this year? Game on my friends, game on.

11. Not being afraid to carry your bible with you wherever you go.

You aren't a "Jesus freak" if you're seen in the coffee shop with your bible propped open and your highlighter in hand. The cool thing is when you're all a bunch of Jesus loving hooligans, it takes away the awkwardness of showing your love for God. Bible's are welcome here and so is God's love.

12. When you're about to devour your dinner like a starving gorilla and then someone interrupts your hangry-ness to ask if they can pray.

Of course you can pray.... I didn't forget. I was just uh... inspecting my food. Yeah, let's go with that. Now let's thank Jesus before I eat my own arm off.

13. No matter where you go on campus you cannot escape the decorative bible verses and affirmations.

You can run.... but you can't hide. Jesus loves you, EVERYWHERE!!!

14. Actually being friends with your RA instead of avoiding them like the Black Plague.

As a transfer student from a party school to a private Christian school, I was pleasantly surprised to find out the RA was no longer the enemy. Instead they are a safe place, a friend full of love, waiting with open arms to embrace you any time you need it. Just a Jesus loving fool who has been praying for you since before they even met you.

15. The whole campus is truly, one big family.

The population may be small, but the family is big. We may have our differences and our problems, but at the end of the day, the campus is truly one united family. We are all brothers and sisters, children of the one true King, and my peers and professors are not just that, they are family, there to catch me when I fall, and rejoice with me when I fly. I wouldn't trade my crazy, Jesus loving, tiny, little, Christian college for the entire world.