15 Sings You're In Full Swing This Semester

1. When the professor says "Moving on from the syllabus" and moves straight onto lecture

2. When there are actually homework assignments due...plus 10

3. When classmates are falling asleep in lecture left and right

4. When you have four plus alarms set for the morning

5. When breakfast isn't a thing, lunch is pizza, dinner is pizza

6. When the best part of your day is getting home to your bed

7. When you look like this in class

8. And when your last Thursday class ends it has you like

9. When your professor tells you your final project is not something to hold off doing till the night before but you're already thinking "Not gonna happen"

10. When you just don't know if you can do it anymore

11. When you don't have time for real meals

12. When walking to class is the most exercise you get

13. When people ask you how you're settling in

14. When you'll do anything at this point for money

15. When you accept the fact that your bed is the closest companion you will have all year

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