Hey y'all! When it comes to living in Georgia, there are many things people don't understand nor can relate to, like drinking a Coke over a Pepsi. Here are 15 signs you were born and raised in the Peach State.

1. It takes 30 minutes to drive anywhere

2. You expect snow one day then it's 80 degrees the next day

3. When someone asks where you are from you just name the closest big city

4. If anyone says tea, you automatically think sweet tea

5. You root for the Atlanta Braves, even thought they suck

6. If there is a Waffle House, then you're not lost

7. No one understands your hate for humidity

8. 1996 was the best year (after your birth year)

9. There's a church on every corner

10. People ask if you constantly eat peanuts, peaches or Vidalia onions

11. During elementary years, you got Mount Rushmore and Stone Mountain confused

12. You're not a golf whiz, but you know about the Masters

13. You say "ma'am" or "sir" all the time as a habit

14. Your parents pushed you to constantly keep a 3.0 and chose a Georgia college…HOPE Scholarship

15. Ray Charles sings your state's most sacred song, "Georgia On My Mind."