15 Signs You Wore That Blue Corduroy In High School

15 Signs You Wore That Blue Corduroy In High School

*Taps gavel three times* "FFA members, why are we here?"


The National Future Farmers Of America Organization (FFA) is active in every state across the US and even in the US territories. If you were in FFA in high school, whether you were simply a member or you served as a Chapter or District Officer, it is a fact that your experiences in FFA never leave you.

I was a Chapter officer at my high school for two years and attended State Convention three times. The people and experiences I encountered in FFA are some of my fondest memories.

1. You Miss State Convention

State Convention was essentially a week where you got to miss school and visit a city or university in your state. Even in the smallest states, State Convention still amasses a few thousand people. You're there to compete, but you're also there to make friends and memories that will last a lifetime.

2. You're Still Friends With Your Officer Team

Whether you were on the officer team or not, chances are you're probably still at least friends on Facebook with your old Chapter, District, or State officers. For me, my fellow Chapter officers are still some of my closest friends and we all still try to meet up once a year or so.

3. You Save Many Lives With Your Pantyhose Repair Tricks

You didn't go to State with fewer than three pairs of pantyhose. If you didn't need them, one of your fellow ladies would. And, if you needed to get through the day and had a run in your pantyhose, you just had to whip out hairspray or clear nail polish.

These tricks have saved me many times even outside of FFA and high school. It's an odd skill to learn from an agricultural based organization, but it's one pretty much every FFA lady knows.

4. You Still Long For State Officer Hair

So, maybe WAFFA (Washington FFA) members are weird, but we all longed for the coveted State Officer hair. State Officers always have immaculate hair and makeup, whether male or female, the State Officers were always on point. Having one of your fellow members tell you had State Officer hair was the biggest compliment you could receive.

5. You Still Have Your Personalized Jacket

It may be hanging in your closet or folded away in storage, but you still have your blue corduroy with your name sewn in gold on the right side. And, even if it doesn't fit anymore, you never plan on getting rid of it.

6. You're The Best At Road Trips

Being an FFA member includes a TON of road trips. To State. To Districts. For Field Trips. A month barely went by without an FFA excursion. Your road trip playlists are always the best and you always have snacks, cause you could be stuck in the middle of nowhere for hours. And, you always had to be prepared in case the van (or bus) broke down.

7. You Can Never Pass A Farmer's Market

There's something so nostalgic about a farmer's market and whenever I go to one I'm immediately transported back to my FFA days. There's nothing better than picking up fresh fruit on your way back from State.

8. You've Worn Your Official Dress (Sans Jacket) To An Interview

Your official dress is surprisingly useful outside of FFA. If you take off the jacket, you have a formal outfit that you could easily wear to an job interview and in my early days of job interviews, I definitely did this, opting to save money and get as much use out of my official dress as possible.

9. You Still Remember At Least Part of the Opening Ceremony

If you were an officer, it's very likely you still remember your part of the Opening Ceremony (or at least part of it). My Senior year I was Secretary, which has the shortest (and arguably best) part of the Opening Ceremony and even four years later I can still recite it!

10. You Still Have Nightmares About Tripping On Stage

If you ever got to go on stage at State for any reason, your worse fear is that you would be the one person the fall that year. Or, that you would somehow make a fool out of yourself as you walked across the stage to receive you award. Worse yet, was if you had to stand on stage for a long period of time, praying you wouldn't have to walk too much.

11. You Are Still Friends With People You Were In FFA With

Like I mentioned above, I'm still friends with pretty much every one I served on an Officer team with, but even outside of my Officer team some of my best friends in high school (and beyond) were in FFA. Even if you weren't an Officer, FFA was a great place to meet people.

12. Some Of Your Best High School Memories Were Because of FFA

I have so many wonderful memories from my time in FFA: getting free coffee on accident, bowling with my Officer team, laser tag, and jamming out on long van rides. Everyone has different stories to tell and when you get a few of us back together, we can spend hours talking about the good times we had in FFA.

13. You Almost Died At Least Once On Your Way To Or From State

It's honestly a rite of passage. Everyone I know from FFA (even people not from my Chapter or District) have at least one story where they almost died on their way too or from State Convention. For me, it was when the wipers on our van went out in a downpour on our way back.

14. Your Old Advisers Are Still Your Role Models

FFA advisers have to deal with a lot, while also being a high school teacher. My FFA advisers were people who helped me and encouraged me as I applied to college, applied to get my State Degree, and tried to figure out who I was. All things they certainly weren't obligated to do, but it helped me gain confidence in later in life.

15. You Never Really Left

While you no longer go to State Convention, you might still be active in the FFA Alumni, or you may be a lifetime member. But, regardless, even when we leave FFA, FFA never leaves us.

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If You've Been Friends With The Same Girls Since High School, You're Not Friends, You're Sisters

It's true when they say you'll know who your real friends are after graduating high school.


We all say we will stay in touch after graduation, but we don't. And that's not a bad thing at all. Of course, everyone gets busy as we all transition into that college lifestyle. We make new friends and we change our priorities as well as our own character. We naturally grow apart and that's just life.

The people I did stay in touch with were the ones who shared similar values as me. Among the four of us, family and education were all we truly cared about and we didn't make time for distractions. What we described as "distractions" go along the lines of partying and relationships. Especially since this is our first year and maybe, later on, we can look at those distractions as something worthwhile but at this time in our lives, we aren't concerned about making time for that.

I still have other friends back home but I only met up with my closest friends who made time to meet up. Every girl has an inner squad of friends that they'll always tell everything to. These girls are essentially your bridesmaids. They'll be in your lives for a very long time.

I'm the only one from our group that went out of state for school in New York whereas most of my friends stayed in Virginia. I thought I'd never really talk to most of the people I went to high school with just because I lived far away now and focused on schoolwork. But I was most excited to see my friends who always had my back, who are always ready to lend a hand, who got me through the struggles of high school. I did not get to see some of my friends due to traveling and leaving for school early. May, MJ, and Bee made time to have a girls night out.

The first night, we went to the movies to watch "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse." Of course, it was raining and we were stuck in traffic so we missed about 20 minutes of the beginning and chose seats right in the middle of the aisle, annoying the packed J row. If you haven't seen the movie yet, you must!

The Thursday morning after, we went to Tyson's Corner mall and browsed through the different stores. They helped me find the correct shade of foundation at Sephora because I don't know much about makeup. May convinced MJ and me to try sushi. I never really liked any seafood or the smell of fish, let alone eating raw fish! I attempted to try sushi when I was 11-years-old, but I couldn't swallow it down. Instead, I gagged it into a napkin.

May says it's probably because it wasn't made fresh and this time, it'll be tasty. We tried the California roll, the scorpion, and shrimp tempura, all cooked inside. Baby steps. My favorite was the California roll and I want to actually go out and try more sushi. It surprised me more than I expected.

Saturday evening, we went out to eat at a Turkish restaurant where I ordered a dish that I thought was a gyro wrap but ended up being a gigantic beef patty. I don't think I've eaten this much in one sitting EVER. We were all in a blissful meat coma. But we managed to still go to Magnolia Dessert Bar to try a green tea waffle cake and ice cream. And of course, to commemorate this day, we all went into their small but well-decorated bathroom to take pictures. We tried our best given the dim light.

My friends already headed back to school. I didn't realize how much I missed spending time with them. I wish we could have all gone to the same school and been suitemates. High school and college friends are different. May, MJ, and Bee, I've known them more than five years and I miss our conversations and stories. Coming back home to them gave me a sense of nostalgia. My college friends are AMAZING, but the girls I grew up with, my sisters, will always hold a special place in my heart.

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