Summer is right around the corner and that means students of all types are looking for great summer jobs. Whether you're looking to make good money, build your resume or expand your skills, babysitting and nannying jobs should not be overlooked. Here's why you should say yes to a babysitting job.

1. No taxes

For quite a few college and high school students, summer is the time of the year where you make your income for the rest of the year. Working a typical minimum wage job sounds great and all until you realize how brutal taxes really are. Working over the summer as a babysitter or nanny has more of a payoff than it seems.

2. Great Hours

There's nothing better than flexibility. Most babysitting jobs come with a good amount of flexibility as far as work hours go. Instead of waitressing until 2 am, working with a family means your summer nights and weekends are open.

3. Creativity

There's no better way to play to your creative side that constant summer crafting. More often than not, the nifty things you learn on Pinterest end up being useful doing the school year too. Plus, where else are you going to be able to make 200 different types of slime in 3 months?

4. A chance for a change in scenery

Working a normal summer job means standing behind the same desk or waiting on the same tables every night. Working with kids means new places and experiences every day.

5. You get temporary Siblings

If you're anything like me, you've spent a good amount of time wishing for a little sibling. Congrats, now you have them AND you're not related so that makes everything a little better.

6. Summer fun flashback

No matter what age you are, it's hard not to miss the typical joys of summer. Water balloons, zoos, neighborhood pools, and all. Babysitting over the summer means you get to experience everything all over again and it's even more fun now that you're old enough to appreciate it.

7. Kids are freaking funny

Most kids are funnier than the best stand up comedians out there. Babysitting over the summer is half work half pure entertainment.

8. Way less stress than school

Being able to be goofy and act like a kid again is a great stress reliever. Give yourself a few weeks to make some money and be goofy all at once. It is so important to allow yourself the chance to decompress before the year starts back in full swing.

9. You have an excuse to see all the good movies

Every time a preview for a new Disney movie comes on, its hard to resist. Babysitting over the summer means you have a perfect excuse to see all the good movies and download the soundtracks too.

10. You get to improve your leadership skills.

Taking care of kids over the summer provides the best leadership skills of them all. Colleges and employers have most definitely had experience with kids and will be the first ones to recognize what makes a strong leader.

11. Better you communication skills

Between communication with parents and kids, your ability to communicate will be able to reach an all-time high in just one summer. You won't believe how much elementary school boys and college boys have in common.

12. Develop stronger sympathy skills

Being able to love on and understand kids is an incredible skill. It is so easy to handle hard situations in life when you have perfected your ability to sympathize. Don't take these skills for granted, they will be permanently useful.

13. Create Admirable time management skills

Being able to work with kids and families is extremely important when it comes to time management. It can be challenging to balance babysitting with summer travel plans and online classes, the skills you learn from a consist babysitting position make the balance that much easier.

14. The kiddos will quickly become your best friends

Believe it or not, you're about to create the absolute best friendship. Good babysitters and more than that, they're friends. You'll find yourself not wanting to leave at the end of the summer.

15. You get to give them back :)

Kids are great, most of the time. At the end of the night and the weekend, you get to return them to their rightful owners. That may be the best perk of them all. Happy summer!

As finals approach us and the days get warmer, summer jobs are at the forefront of our thoughts. May your summer be filled with crafts, pool days and so much more. Next thing you know, it'll be at the start of the fall semester once again.