15 Questions I Have Watching 'Gossip Girl'
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15 Questions I Have Watching 'Gossip Girl'

There are too many from the start.

15 Questions I Have Watching 'Gossip Girl'
The CW

Many people have heard of the legendary show "Gossip Girl." It ran on The CW for 6 seasons. I never took it upon myself to watch it until recently. I had a lot of free time on my hands. I figured watching it would be the best way to make time go by faster.

I enjoyed some of the time watching it. However, I had my moments with my feelings towards the show. I'd like to share those questions with the people who have also watched it.

(Warning: Spoilers!)

1. Why is everyone so horrible?

This being with the exception of Dorota. Really, everyone has done something to try and destroy someone else. They are all hellbent on making sure no one can have a good time.

2. Do they ever go to class?

Remember when I never saw them actually IN a class? (Did I, but it was so quick I missed it? Someone, please tell me.) I mean, they kind of just... stopped going to college. So, what's the deal?

3. What is so special about Upper East Side men and women?

It seems like everyone is immediately charmed by these people, but I couldn't be more annoyed with their presence. Everyone wants to date everyone. Seriously, make a chart about it, and you'll be surprised.

4. IS there a free pass for all New York City rich kids at all bars?

Sure, I know they come from well-established families and everyone in New York somehow knows them. But you cannot possibly tell me that for the majority of the series they were just being served without someone asking for an ID. Does this just not happen for wealthy families?

5. How is Gossip Girl getting all these intimate pictures in the first place?

Gossip Girl has people sending in tips everyone, and someone is ALWAYS in Brooklyn (contrary to it being the butt of every joke on the show), but who is taking them? It seems as if they always have a camera on them, waiting for the perfect shot.

6. Why does everyone send in tips about one another?

I mean, later in the season you see everyone has sent in tips for Gossip Girl when they don't really mention it previously in the series. This goes back to question #1: why is everyone so bent on tearing down everyone else?

7. Why is Dan always the victim?

He seems to be put in the middle of everything, and he gets hurt most of the time. Why is this? He is just a whiny child who ends up being *shocker* Gossip Girl. There has been intense criticism for this. But how could he possibly be Gossip Girl? It makes no sense.

8. Where are the people of color?

Everyone in this show is white. Every character who had diversity is not a series regular. Vanessa left and won't be seen until the finale. Honestly, this show is just about rich white people.

9. Reflecting on question #5 & 6: how is someone always around the corner conveniently listening to private conversations?

You always think you are alone. Suprise! You aren't. Honestly, you'd think after all this time they'd think to look around the corner. However, they still haven't learned to do such a minor task.

10. Why did they let the Ivy/Charlie drama go on for so long?

It was an interesting plot twist, but they let it drag out. I was tired of Ivy's voice and wanted her off the screen. They should have never let her back into their lives. It was ridiculous to even assume they would let her.

11. What was the music budget?

The score on the show is undeniably incredible. I can only imagine the amount they paid to get rights to certain songs.

12. What happened to Serena's tragic backstory of watching a man die?

Did we all forget or did we sweep it under the rug? I thought that was a pivotal point in her life, but we never spoke about it again?

13. What happened to Chuck's dog?

Seriously, he was the most important character on the show. The only thing that showed me humanity still lived within these people.

14. Where is Lily and Rufus's son?

They briefly spoke about him in a couple episodes, but did we forget he existed?

15. The last question I have is: was no one even a little bit skeptical about Gossip Girl when it started?

I mean, come on, if someone made a page exposing everyone's secrets, we know someone's mom would get the page taken down. There is no reason as to why it lasted so long.

* * *

Overall, "Gossip Girl" has been entertaining to say the least. However, my cons outway the pros, and I think I wasted my time watching the show. This time I will be able to chime in on conversations surrounding the cult teen classic, and maybe I'll be able to keep up.

XOXO Not Gossip Girl

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