11 Of The Trendiest Online Boutiques To Shop At On Cyber-Monday With The Best Deals
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11 Of The Trendiest Online Boutiques To Shop At On Cyber-Monday With The Best Deals

I have always preferred online shopping since being impatient and Black Friday lines don't usually mesh will. The anxiety of staying up until early morning, praying that you might make it in the store before someone snags your favorite top is something I prefer not to experience! This year, in person shopping is most likely not an option with store closures do to the pandemic. Cyber Friday- Monday is the best way to take advantage of sales from the comfort of your own bed!

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There are millions of online boutiques having sales and I am currently still on the hunt to find the best Cyber Monday deals! The list below contains the stores, I believe, have the cutest clothes I have seen so far, with the best bargains.

1. Princess Polly USA 

This trendy Australian brand currently has a 25% off store wide sale, along with a 30% off discount for students on Cyber Weekend!



Get your favorite graphic tees at UNIF's Cyber Weekend's crazy sale! They have markdowns between 20% and 50% off.


3. Urban Outfitters

Check out Urban's buy one get one 50% off sale right now for their clothing, beauty, wellness, tech and accessories! This is the perfect place to find your Secret Santa a gift; there really is something for everyone!


4. For Love and Lemons 

This online store is based in L.A and sells a variety of feminine floral pattern shirts, dresses and pants. They are usually pretty pricey, but right now they have a 30% off sale until Sunday! Don't miss out.


5. Omighty 

This brand is one of my favorite online stores because there are no locations in the U.S! They sell unique pattern graphic tees in all colors and styles. Omighty is currently having a 40% off cyber weekend sale.


6. Free People 

Free People is a popular bohemian style brand that sells anything from cozy sweaters to Levi jeans. Their Cyber Monday sale is 50% off of select styles!


7.  Nasty Gal

NastyGal is always having crazy sales, but for this cyber weekend, they are offering 60% off everything! This is one of the largest deals I have seen so far so definitely take advantage of this sale!


8. Dolls Kill 

This funky creative brand sells vibrant and intricate clothing for both men and women. They even sell costumes and you are able to shop based on the category of your style. Right now, everything is marked down on their site!


9.Hello Molly

This is my go-to store for pretty sun dresses and any sort of fancy jumpsuit/playsuit. They originated in Sydney, Australia and have recently opened up a U.S online shopping page. They are offering a 20% site-wide discount for this Cyber-weekend.


10. Aritzia 

I used to shop at this store near my house at home, but do to store closures, I have not been able to go in months! Aritzia is the best place to buy good quality basics like comfy tees and sweatpants. Right now everything in their store is up to 50% off for the next five days, check them out!


11. Anthropologie 

Anthropologie can sometimes be pricey, but their winter clothes are irresistable! Don't miss out on their 30% off everything in the store sale.


Again, take advantage of these mega sales, especially looking forward to the gift giving season. It is also never wrong to treat yourself! Brands like these only offer these sales once a year, so start your shopping now!

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