14 Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas
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14 Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Perfect for that last minute Halloween costume decision.

14 Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Tis' the season for pumpkin spice lattes, the sound of leaves crunching under your boots, the sight of flannels in every direction you look, and one of the best holidays ever... HALLOWEEN! It's something many have literally been waiting for since last Halloween. There's something about a weekend dedicated to dressing up that brings every girl back to her favorite childhood memory of pretending to be a princess or receiving candy from everyone you see just because of how cute you looked.

Here are some quick, easy, and cute costume ideas that won't break the bank.

1. Athlete

Besides darties (day parties) and game days, what else are those jerseys good for? Right now they're hanging in your closest collecting dust and taking up space. It takes about five minutes to put on your favorite jersey, a pair of leggings or shorts, and some cute athletic shoes for this outfit to be a home run or a slam dunk!

2. Mermaid

Admit it... ever since being a little kid you used to swim in pools, splashing around as if you were a mermaid. It was every girls fantasy to suddenly grow a tail and adventure into the vast ocean. Well now you can! A bralette or summery crop top and a pair of fish scale leggings makes this costume quick and stylish. There's nothing fishy about this costume!

3. Vampire

Another crowd pleasing favorite due to the fact that for this costume you can literally wear anything that's black. A black cut out t-shirt, black leggings, and a black pair of boots works perfect for this look. Throw in some fake teeth and a splash of blood for extra affects.

4. Your Bitmoji

How much easier can it get?? For this costume you are literally yourself! All you have to do is print out a picture of your favorite Bitmoji and dress like it. You can carry around the printed picture or tape it to your shirt. It's the only costume that allows you to be unique, but also 100% yourself!

5. The Four Seasons

If you love sleeping as much as I do, you'll love this costume idea! Roll out of bed (or put on a new pair of pajamas) and put on a tiara. BOOM! You are officially Sleeping Beauty. It's perfect for that last minute decision of whether you're going out or not. #winwin

6. Sleeping Beauty

If you love sleeping as much as I do, you'll love this costume idea! Roll out of bed (or put on a new pair of pajamas) and put on a tiara. BOOM! You are officially Sleeping Beauty. It's perfect for that last minute decision of whether you're going out or not. #winwin

7. Sexy Ghost

Ever wanted to be something spooky and sexy at the same time? Well, now you can! All you need is a white bed sheet and a cute bikini. Simply put the white bed sheet over you, cut out some holes for your eyes and mouth, and put the bikini over the bed sheet. This costume will have everyone asking, "Boo's that?" (I apologize for the pun.)

8. Tourist

Halloweekend can be an adventure so why not dress for it? What you'll need: Khaki shorts, a Hawaiian T-shirt, white ankle socks, white tennis shoes or sandals, an umbrella hat, a dispensable camera, and some white paint on your nose.

9. Hippie

Bring out your inner flower child spirit and go as a groovy hippie. All you'll need is a pair of loose, flowing pants and a basic crop top or baggy tie-dyed T-shirt. To really pull the look together, you can add fake flowers in your hair by using a flower crown/headband.

10. School Girl

From someone who went to a Catholic high school, being able to wear your classic plaid skirt one more time is a genius idea. Due to the gross stains, I left out my off white polo and used a simple button down shirt. I've seen some girl wear knee high socks and saddle shoes, but Nike socks and Sperry's come in clutch as well.

11. Frat Boy

Everyone knows the stereotypes that revolve around frat boys. Expensive clothes, huge raggers, and pastel colors. For this quick costume all you'll need is a pair of khaki or pastel shorts, a button up top (leave it untucked), a hat to tuck your hair into, and a pair of Sperry's. Before you know it, you'll look and feel as if you're in the #brotherhood.

12. Risky Business

Enough said.

13. Bag Of Jelly Beans

If you're okay with not sitting all night or risking popping balloons this costume is a perfect fit for you! All you have to do is fill a large, clear plastic garage bag with blown up water balloons. Some would say it's cheesy looking, but it'll leave people jelly they didn't come up with the idea too. (Once again, sorry for the pun.)

14. Zombie

They're slow, groggy, and have dark circles under their eyes. Sounds pretty similar to a college student!

Of course the options for Halloween costumes are unlimited and there are thousands not included in this post. No matter what costume you choose, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

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