As a new dog owner, there are many things that I've had to get for my puppy. Toys, bones, treats, food, supplies, etc. But as it's October, I've been on the hunt for the perfect Halloween costume for my black labradoodle. Here are some ideas in case you are in the same boat as me.

1. Beanie puppy

Pretty much the easiest, and cutest, puppy costume ever.

2. Sheep dog

Always love a good pun.

3. Pup-kin

Wasn't everyone a pumpkin on their first Halloween?

4. Harry Potter


5. Fluffy

If you wanna be Harry Potter yourself, just transform your dog into the three-headed dog, Fluffy!

6. Ghost

Super easy. As long as they don't chew on it.

7. Dogtini

Save that shameful cone and just add a stick of olives.

8. Banana

Just because it's cute. Especially on corgis.

9. Kissing booth

Who doesn't want some love from this cutie?

10. Football

Simple, but effective.

11. Tiger

I love animals dressed as other animals.

12. Chia pet

So cute.

13. Hot dog

Last pun, I swear.

14. Lion

Dogs dressed as cats? Sorry, not sorry.

15. Winnie the Pooh

No explanation needed.