15 Easy April Fool's Day Pranks For Those Who Can't Prank
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15 Easy April Fool's Day Pranks For Those Who Can't Prank

These pranks are some of the easiest for even the worst prankster.

15 Easy April Fool's Day Pranks For Those Who Can't Prank

Friends, be aware, April Fool's Day is coming! A day pranksters wait anxiously for; a joker's Christmas. They finally get their chance to bust out their most elaborate jokes and, those of us who are not pranksters, become prime targets; the butt of every joke. The suckers in the stories who never see it coming and always fall for the tricks.

Well, I say it's time for a change for all of us who aren't master pranksters to take back April Fool's Day. Here are 15 easy -- but just as funny -- pranks even the worst prankster could pull.

1. Block a mouse sensor with a piece of paper and some tape.

To make it even funnier, print out the "Gotcha" meme face and tape that to their mouse. What better way to say gotcha than with an actual gotcha meme face?

2. Nick Cage their entire computer.

There is a glorious Google Chrome extension that will turn all of the images on the internet into Nicolas Cage. The best part? It's free to download! Get it here.

3. Fill a donut with Ketchup.

Talk about being disappointed when a delicious jelly donut is actually filled with ketchup!

4. Create a Jim Halpert inspired prank.

For the bakers out there who are also avid fans ofThe Office, take Jim Halpert's stapler-in-jello prank and bring it to life! Here's how you do it.

5. Replace the cream inside of an Oreo with toothpaste.

Talk about having minty fresh breath after your coworker or friend pops one of these in their mouth! I mean I'm sure your coworkers or friends won't share that optimism that you have about their breath but still, you can always find a silver lining.

6. Leave a note on your friend's windshield apologizing for damaging their car.

The best part about this prank? There is no damage to the car! You get to sit back and watch as your friend looks around their entire car with the most confused expression on their face. Honestly, this one is a win-win because you get a good laugh after you reveal what's going on and your friend doesn't have a damaged vehicle -- just a mild heart attack.

7. Bring multiple outfits to work and change every hour.

Act like nothing is different about your outfits and watch as your coworkers stare at you in confusion. Bonus points if you get at least one other person to go along with you and pretend you haven't been changing your outfit.

8. Replace desktop wallpaper on someone's computer with "messy desktop" wallpaper.

Hide their desktop icons and replace their original them with this "messy desktop" wallpaper. They will think their computer has gone absolutely crazy. Download the wallpaper here.

9. Get a pair of shoes and some pants and put them in the only bathroom stall available.

People will wonder why this person is taking FOREVER to use the bathroom and uncomfortably decide between knocking on the door again or just standing there while this person does his business.

10. Grab a bar of soap and paint some clear nail polish on it.

The soap won't lather because of the nail polish and your family will be frustrated and confused.

11. Send your friend a text asking them where they are.

What's funny about this, you ask? Well, you never made plans with your friend, so texting them "where are you" will confuse the hell out of them. They will frantically text back something along the lines of "oh crap! we had plans today?" to which you reply "we started without you" and then not text them back at all the entire day.

12. Hack your friend's autocorrect.

Find a way to grab your friend's phone and change words or phrases to display funnier phrases. Turn "hello" into "whoop, there it is!", and "LOL" to "laughing like an evil murderer currently killing someone" or "no" into "root-y, toot-y, fresh and fruity." The possibilities are endless.

13. Create a flyer for a Chewbacca Roar Contest with your sister's phone number.

A wonderful Reddit user came up with this gem. Enter your friend's number in the blank space and tell people to leave a voicemail with their best "Chewie" impression.

14. Change your friend's contact list.

Take their phone and change every name on their contact list to something absurd, like, "my dealer," "sketchy guy/girl from last night" or "my lover." Make them as ridiculous as you can and if you can't think of something funny, then change them all to the same name like "mystery caller".

15. Wrap a rubber band around the kitchen water hose.

This prank is one of the most classic April Fool's Day pranks you could pull. Just an FYI, after you pull this on your mother, you better be ready to run for your life.

With these pranks, you are sure to be able to make April Fool's Day your new, favorite holiday!

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