15 Cute DIY Crafts For Your Bedroom On A Budget
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15 Cute DIY Crafts For Your Bedroom On A Budget

Crafting and decor no longer have to break the bank.

15 Cute DIY Crafts For Your Bedroom On A Budget
J. Goode

College budgets are impossible to deal with, especially when it comes to decoration. We want the cutest room, for the lowest price, but often that seems nothing less than impossible. However, we have made the impossible quite possible with these dollar store steals to not only create the cutest room on or off campus, but a fun time crafting them!

1. Secure small drawer handles onto a picture frame for a cute bed tray.

2. Use thumbtacks to create bedroom art or spice up a bland candle ... a blandle.

3. Secure round handles on a wooden cutlery tray to create a jewelry organizer.

4. Fill a spice rack with office supplies.

5. Melt crayons to create color-block candles.

6. Use silverware and a wooden board to create interesting hooks. (Be careful when heating silverware and wait before gluing to avoid injury.)

7. Spray paint and/or glitter a cheap vase to make it cute and unique for your bedside table.

8. Use inexpensive placemats to create interesting throw pillows.

9. Spray paint a dollar store trashcan into a night stand.

10. Spray paint wooden skewers to make a starburst mirror.

11. Watercolor votive candle holders.

12. Use wooden skewers and manila folders to create a Japanese-inspired lantern.

13. Use inexpensive beads and a metal basket frame to create a beaded chandelier

14. Make a desert tray with candle sticks and plastic plates glued together and spray painted.

15. Paint age onto a rubber door mat to create a piece of wall art.

Hopefully all, or at least some, of these crafts make your room a true home and you have fun doing it! Grab a friend and get crafting on a dollar!

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