10 Binge-Worthy Shows To Get You Through Quarantine and Then Some
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10 Binge-Worthy Shows To Get You Through Quarantine and Then Some

The more you read, the more seasons there'll be!

10 Binge-Worthy Shows To Get You Through Quarantine and Then Some

Because of COVID-19, people worldwide have had a lot more time on their hands in the last couple of months. Streaming movies and TV shows has become an even more popular pastime as everything around us has shut down.

Before this quarantine, though, I was a professional binge-watcher, and there was nothing worse than starting a show, liking it, and then realizing that it only had one or two seasons. That being said, I decided to create a list of TV shows available on Netflix and Hulu that will keep any binge-watcher busy.

Let's get to it!

1. "Jane the Virgin" (5 seasons)​ - Netflix

This show is all about a young girl named Jane, who has everything going for her. She's followed her life plan to a T. Jane's got a job, an almost complete degree, an amazing guy, and even successfully saved herself for marriage. But all of that comes crashing down when she is accidentally artificially inseminated at her regular gynecologist appointment.

It is an emotional roller coaster filmed in the traditional telenovela/soap opera style, which means the show is the perfect combination of humor and drama that keeps you wanting more. With 5 seasons to keep you busy, you won't be disappointed at all.

2. "Supergirl" (5 seasons) - Netflix

If you're a superhero fan like I am, then I would highly recommend this one! Supergirl is (you guessed it) Superman's cousin who was sent to protect him on his journey to Earth. Unfortunately, Supergirl, AKA Kara, was in a space pod that was knocked off course, and she landed on Earth many years after Superman did. Cool, right?

Now that Superman has already come and made his debut in the world, Kara has to live a life of her own and save the world undercover for fear of people finding out her true identity - just like her cousin.

3. "Superstore" (5 seasons) - Hulu

This show is a little bit different from the previous shows I've mentioned. This one is a sitcom taking place in a superstore like Walmart, except it's called Cloud 9. If you want something lighthearted and silly, then this show is perfect for you. Even though it's silly, there is still a romance storyline that keeps you wanting more each episode.

It also tackles real-life issues in a humorous way that causes a laugh but also causes you to think. It's a cute show, and it is one that I would go back and watch in a heartbeat.

4. "Gossip Girl" (6 seasons) - Netflix

Spotted. People in quarantine looking for shows to binge in order to pass the time.

This show is an oldie but a goodie that takes place on the Upper East Side of New York City - where a group of teenagers run wild and cause drama everywhere they turn. Gossip Girl is an unknown blogger, who writes scandalous posts about this group of teenagers and their never-ending drama.

Just when you think the drama can't get any more scandalous, it does. I encourage you to watch this show with other people in order to get the best effect. Once other people are involved, it becomes so much more fun to watch the scandalous details that unfold for 6 whole seasons.


5. "Once Upon A Time" (7 seasons) - Netflix

"Once Upon A Time" has always held a near and dear place in my heart. It combines fairy tales with our modern world, which makes my Disney fan heart very happy. If you haven't seen the show, it follows a woman named Emma Swan, who was born in the Enchanted Forest, which was cursed by the Evil Queen and transported to Storybrooke, Maine. It is up to Emma to break the curse and restore everyone's happy endings.

6. "New Girl" (7 seasons) - Netflix

Shifting gears a little bit, "New Girl" is about a young teacher named Jess, who rents an apartment with three guys (enough said, right?). It is definitely a quirky comedy that you will instantly fall in love with as you follow their lives over the years. You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you might even get mad sometimes, but every minute is worth the watch. I have watched this one a few different times, and it never gets old.

7. "The Vampire Diaries" (8 seasons) - Netflix

If you're looking for eye candy, romance, eye candy (again), fantasy, and even more eye candy (trust me... It's a GREAT cast), this show is for you. "The Vampire Diaries" is definitely in my top 3 favorite shows.

I'm actually working on watching this one again, myself. The story is all about a high school girl named Elena, who falls into a love triangle between two vampire brothers, Stefan and Damon. Throughout the show, the two brothers fight to protect Elena from any vampires, werewolves, or witches that might cause her harm. It is a great story that I have no doubt that you'll love!

8. "Seinfeld" (9 seasons) - Hulu

Who here likes comedy? Anyone? Well, if you do, "Seinfeld" is for you. This is a sitcom that came out in the late '80s/early '90s and went on for nine years. It is a show "about nothing" as a character named George would put it. Jerry Seinfeld is a comedian in real life, and this sitcom is about his life and friends while living in New York City. If you liked "Friends," then you'll enjoy the shenanigans that Jerry, George, Kramer, and Elaine get into. I'm about to finish this series, and I am prepared to go back and watch it again.

You will also recognize a lot of actors/actresses that started their careers by being guest stars on the show. All in all, you won't regret giving this one a watch!

9. "Cheers" (11 seasons) - Netflix, Hulu

Here's another sitcom that is very similar to "Friends" and "Seinfeld." This show, though, takes place in Boston at a bar called Cheers.

It is owned by an ex-baseball star named Sam Malone and follows his life and friends in that bar. It is a great show for anyone who wants something lighthearted without needing to think about plot lines too hard.

Plus, there are a lot of iconic actors that practically started their acting careers in this show, just like others have done on "Seinfeld."

10. "Supernatural" (14 seasons) - Netflix

Alright, if you've read with me this far, congratulations! Last, but certainly not least, we have "Supernatural." This is one of those shows where you never really know what will happen because of all the creatures from folklore that the writers include. It follows the lives of two brothers, Sam and Dean, who have been raised as hunters to kill all sorts of monsters that go bump in the night. It is an amazing show with an even more brilliant cast. TONS of eye candy, I promise you that. If you liked the "Vampire Diaries," I have no doubt that you'll like this show too.

Maybe don't watch it at night when you're alone though... Just a thought.

Wow, we made it to the end! I hope this provided you with enough watching material to get you through the rest of this quarantine. It's been a struggle, but there's a light at the end of the tunnel. We just have to stay strong a little bit longer.

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