15 Attractive Hockey Players To Make Your Day Better
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15 Attractive Hockey Players To Make Your Day Better

It's been a rough few weeks, have some hockey players.

15 Attractive Hockey Players To Make Your Day Better

Ever since the Cubs won the world series, girls have been fawning over Kris Bryant. Yes, he's attractive with his nice body and beautiful eyes. There's just one problem. There's so many attractive hockey players that are out there. Sure they may not wear baseball pants. But they look good in pretty much anything.

With all of the stress of this election, why not look at attractive hockey players?

Jaromir Jagr

He won two cups with the Penguins, his first two years (the years of his famous mullet). Now, he's 44 and still producing. He's been on eight NHL teams and has his own fanbase called "the Traveling Jagrs." As for the mullet? Not as glorious as before, but still amazing. We're all pretty sure that he won't retire until he holds all of the records.

Colton Parayko

Just a young kid in just his second season, he stands above most of his team. Literally. He's 6'6", two inches taller than the next tallest person on the team.

PK Subban

Not only does he have a wing at a hospital, the children's hospital, of Montreal, but when he was playing for the Canadiens he visited the hospital weekly. He's dressed as Prince, Jagr, and in a snowflake onesie for the children. After his $10 million dollar donation, I'm not sure how anyone couldn't love him.

Oh, and he's pretty good at what he does.

Jeff Carter

There's always that joke that you shouldn't date a hockey player because they won't have any teeth. For this list, that's not exactly true. But if Jeff Carter wasn't married I think people would be definitely be going for this hockey player without his front teeth.

Beau Bennett

To be fair, the only reason I put him on here is because my best friend would probably send me a very long message about how she felt personally attacked. But he is attractive. Even as a playboy bunny. And he kind of looks like Abby Wambach.

Mike Fisher

As captain of the Predators, and a new father, he's got a lot on his plate. His wife is also on tour but that doesn't seem to phase either of them.

Taylor Hall

I think he's just happy to be on a team that wins more than twice a month now.

Jamie & Jordie Benn

You can't have the captain of the Stars on a list without his brother. Why? Because Jordie has a great ginger beard.

Robert Bortuzzo

I could go on about this man, but I'll keep it short. He's tall, lanky, and he likes One Direction. He's also dressed up as a playboy bunny twice in his life. He also likes to fight and sing along to Mariah Carey while on the bench.

Steven Stamkos

His jawline could probably cut glass. As I was looking for a picture of him, I found a gem from 2009.

Sidney Crosby

Currently one of the greatest hockey players in the league, he's coming off the rush of his second Stanley Cup. He's getting back to where he started after probably the worst season of his career. That's saying something with the Cup and ending up in the top 10 of scoring. He's also won pretty much everything there is to win. Except for the Vezina.

Gabriel Landeskog

He was the youngest captain in the NHL. He does a lot of weird things while home for the summer in Sweden.

Henrik Lundqvist

Aside from being a hockey player, he is also known as the wall of New York. In his free time, he models. Can you blame him, though?

Tyler Seguin

People hear about his past in Boston and think he's the bad boy of hockey. He's really not. He just has a couple dogs and was a regular 19-year-old when he played for the Bruins.

Brad Marchand

I don't really have much to say about Marchand, I just really wanted people to hear him singing.

Now, there are a lot more. I could have listed a few others but I didn't. And I know exactly what guys are thinking, but you don't watch the Victoria's Secret fashion show to get new bras.

So I can appreciate the pass and the ass, thank you.

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