14 Things We Can Do Daily To Save The Earth
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14 Things We Can Do Daily to Save the Earth

Us college kids can do a LOT of good, we just have to try!

14 Things We Can Do Daily to Save the Earth
Kamryn Romano

We're all aware of the fact that, as humans, we do things every day that are detrimental for our environment. If you don't, you're lying to yourself, because you know. Not to sound like a pessimist or anything, but our generation can make or break the state of our Earth.

On a POSITIVE note, there are SO many things we can do to change the world for the better! We can be the generation that saves it if we just stop being lazy and do things that are so easy to implement into our every day life! I've always been passionate about the environment, and my friends can attest to the fact that I don't let people that litter into my car, and I WILL stop it and make someone go back and pick it up if they do.

So I decided to compile a list of super simple things we can do as college students to contribute to the health of the world we live in.


You may think that just because most cities have curbside recycling pick up now, that this is good enough. But there are so many things like water bottles and wrappers that are thrown away multiple times a day out of laziness. If you live in a dorm, UTILIZE THE RECYCLING!

Keep a small bag or bin and just take it out when you take your trash! So many class buildings have multiple recycling bins, so don't be an asshole and use the trash can next to them for paper and plastic. Yes straws can be recycled! So can plasticware! Glass! Glass takes over A MILLION YEARS to decompose. Can you even imagine that your glass bottle will live over 10,000 times longer than you. Just recycle it!

2. Skip the straw

You've heard it before, save the turtles! I get it, fountain coke tastes better through a straw, I'm not going to lie. But buy a reusable one! If you go to a restaurant, tell the server you don't need straws right off the bat, because if they set them down and you get food or water on them, they have to throw them away anyways. So be conscious, you can save so many cute little creatures.

3. Change your search engine


Ecosia.org is a search engine that plants a tree for each search made! And it's credible too, this company really plants a tree for every use. Support companies like this that do good! It's so easy, just make it your home page for when you open Safari or whatever you use!

4. Turn off the water!

Next time you brush your teeth, don't be thoughtless. Shut the water off until you actually need it! Also, before you shower, don't leave the water running for minutes on end! The good thing about dorms and apartments is that there are so many hot water tanks that your shower instantly is hot. Imagine that! It doesn't need to heat up, so turn it on right before you get in.

5. Spaghetti?

It's true, spaghetti can save the world. Uncooked spaghetti noodles make GREAT coffee stirrers! You don't need a straw or spoon, use a noodle! Sure, it's different. But every little change counts, so encourage your parents or friends to buy an extra box of noodles next time you go to the store.

6. Hang dry your clothes!

For those of us that have to pay for laundry, this is cheaper too! Hang dry your clothes on a drying rack or clothes line. None of your stuff will shrink, and you save so much energy not using a dryer!

7. Carpool, carpool, carpool!

Next time you drive all the way home, or to the store, or to the gym, ask your roommates, the girl from your hometown, your friends, your profs, ANYONE, if they need to go too! We can save so much energy and improve air quality by using our cars less. Take the bus or walk if it's close! Every mile counts!


No this isn't what you think. Bring your own BAGS! Bring that Lulu or Marshalls bag sitting under your bed, and use it to carry groceries! Less plastic=a happier ocean!

9. Get innovative

Before you recycle that water bottle, get as much use out of it as you can. Use it for that pregame, refill it, mix that energy drink in there, get creative!

10. Tupper where?

Skip the Ziploc, use a Tupperware! Carry your food around and wash it and reuse it! Your fridge will also look very neat and organized if you use these for your leftovers and skip the paper plates and plastic wrap!

11. Don't be gross

Use less napkins if you can help it. If a fast food restaurant gives you a stack, save them! Put them in your car, your kitchen, bathroom, anywhere! Just don't be lazy and throw them away with your half-eaten burger.

12. Use the revolving door!

These doors are scary, I know. But businesses save a lot on heating and cooling by using one of these. So just suck it up and circle it up.

13. Let there be light!

LED fluorescent lightbulbs use so much less energy than incandescents. Switch out your desk and floor lamps, and get a brighter light along with it! The Earth will thank you!

14. Veggieeees!!!

Go vegetarian once a week! Producing meat requires tons of water and you know, kills animals. So cut back just a little bit, and go for that salad or spaghetti meal once a week instead of the chicken and steak!

There are so many little things we can do each day that make such a big difference. So if you can do one thing for me, please take at least ONE of these ideas into account starting tomorrow. We can change the world, we just have to try!

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