14 Ways I Grew Up This Semester
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14 Ways I Grew Up This Semester

I'm only 19, but sometimes I feel like I'm 30.

14 Ways I Grew Up This Semester
Kayci Kimmons

Growing up is a paradox. Everybody wants to do it...but also, nobody does. Somewhere along the way, I crossed an invisible threshold, and I became one of the people who's sick of growing up. Some of the "real" adults in my life, i.e. my mother, would probably hit me if she heard me say that, and I would absolutely understand. I haven't even been on this earth for 20 years yet, and here I am complaining.

But I have to say, the little taste of adulthood that I've experienced so far has been pretty difficult, and some of it was even scary. At the same time, though, I can't fear the future because it's coming whether I like it or not. I honestly don't want to fear growing up because it's a part of life, and most of the time I'm happy when I'm able to do things on my own. Sure beats those permission slips I used to have to get my mom to sign...

Here are 14 ways that I grew up this semester. I bet you can relate to some!

1. I got in my first wreck

I got rear-ended while trying to go get some Buffalo Wild Wings! I definitely had a fun time explaining to the police what happened that day.

2. I took myself to the doctor 

My immune system seems to weaken the longer I live in the dorms. Sometimes I hate how nasty--I mean, lovely the people are in my dorm :)

3. I thought about going to the movies by myself

I'll probably end up actually doing this in the near future since nobody seems to love movies as much as I do. Or maybe they just aren't willing to pay the $9.50, which I totally understand, since I barely have that kind of money to spare.

4. I signed a lease

You heard it here first people: I'm getting an apartment! And it's going to be right behind the movies!

5. I made travel plans

It sounds babyish, but I've never been able to create my own travel plans unless my mom was also going on the trip...until now! I'm headed to Miami in December!

6. I bought pots and pans

Fun fact: cooking's actually a great stress reliever, and it'll stop you from having to go to the union so much!

7. I got my oil changed in my car

This gif accurately describes how I felt when my mom told me that I had to go get my oil changed. But it actually wasn't so bad!

8. I made a budget

I encourage everyone to do this. It may not make you feel good, but it's very insightful, and it'll make you more conscious about your money (or lack thereof).

9. I filled out an I-9 document 

It's funny, I didn't even know what this was before I did it. But now that I do, I feel very much like an adult.

10. I started designing a business

This is a work in progress...stay tuned!

11. I voted 

It felt very good to be able to make decisions for my state this year.

12. I read a book about money

Tip: you should do this, and then make your budget! Get ready to impress some people with what you've learned.

13. I made my own website/blog

This is one of the best decisions I've made this year. Everyone should have an outlet where they can express themselves, and my website is mine!

14. I built my own furniture

No, it wasn't out of Legos. I even figured out how to hook up our TV.

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