14 Snacks All '90s Kids Miss
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14 Snacks All '90s Kids Miss

Gone, but never forgotten.

14 Snacks All '90s Kids Miss

These discontinued snacks were some of the best in the '90s. Not only did they make our school lunches more enjoyable, they tasted great! I always wondered what the reasoning was behind discontinuing all of these delicious, popular items that all '90s kids loved.

1. Dunkaroos

Nothing was better than opening your lunch and finding dunkaroos. You got to dip graham crackers in frosting? It was the best thing, but usually you only ate the frosting.

2. French Toast Crunch

This was brilliant. A cereal that tasted like french toast. The cereal was discontinued in the 2000's, but was introduced to some stores recently!

3. Gushers

Mouth watering gushers were so juicy every time you bit into one! They always got your hands so sticky after eating a handful, but it was worth it! Thank goodness these are still around.

4. Wonderball

You got two different types of candies in the Wonderball! The small tart candies were enclosed in a huge chocolate ball. You got the best of both worlds, and nothing could be better.

5. Fruit By The foot

Fruit By The Foot was a foot of delicious fruity goodness. You were able to eat a whole fruit by the foot in a little less than a minute.

6. EZ Squirt ketchup

Available in three different colors, EZ Squirt ketchup made eating eventful! Kids loved the idea of putting purple ketchup on their french fries, or dipping their chicken nuggets into a green ketchup.

7. Baby Bottle Pops

The sweetness of the Baby Bottle Pop powder dipped on the sucker itself was delicious! Sometimes stores even carried baby bottle pop crunch, which added an extra layer of a sweet crunch topping.

8. Cosmic brownies

Cosmic brownies were always a bonus in your school lunch. The chocolate brownie was topped in multi colored sprinkles, which made a perfect match for your sweet tooth.

9. Push Ups

On a hot summer day, push pops were the perfect snack. Usually Fred Flintstone appeared on the packaging.

10. Hubba Bubba Ouch

This bubble gum came in a packaging similar to a bandaid. Hubba Bubba bubblegum put three flavors in every box!

11. Little Hugs Fruit Barrels

These fruit flavored juices were perfect for a warm neighborhood drink! They came in a variety of flavors to quench your thirst.

12. Go-Gurt

Go-Gurt was perfect for school time lunches or a snack on the go. It was easy to take with you, and it was easy to eat, no messes! You could even put them in the freezer and have a frozen Go-Gurt, which was refreshing after a hot day in the sun.

13. Altoids mango sours

These sour treats were everyone's favorites at your local grocery store. I never knew why Altoids stopped making these sours because they were always such a popular item!

14. Mini Ice Cream Cups

These were everyone's favorites birthday snacks. When it was someone's birthday, you knew these mini cups would be the snack of the day. They usually came in chocolate and vanilla or strawberry and vanilla.

Although some of these are still available, we will miss what is not and remember the days where our taste buds were in heaven!

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