14 Places to Check Out in Altoona, PA

14 Places to Check Out in Altoona, PA

There's lots to do, you just have to know where to look.


Located in Central Pennsylvania, Altoona is a city with a lot to offer. Growing up 10 minutes away I was able to explore some hidden treasures that the city has to offer.

1. Tom & Joe's

Diner in the heart of Altoona with great food and a fun atmosphere.

2. The Altoona Curve (Peoples Natural Gas Field)

Who doesn't love baseball? Or at least the food? The curve is a great place to be in the summer, with unlimited access to food, fun, and sometimes fireworks (as well has other events).

3. The Horseshoe Curve

For those who enjoy railroads, the Horseshoe Curve is a very interesting stop in your trip to central PA

4. D'lites

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Delights bakery in Lakemont is a small and sweet spot which houses some of the best cupcakes. They also serve breakfast and lunch!

5. Gardners Candy

Peanut butter meltaways. That's all you need.

6. Greenbean Coffee House

A new spot in Altoona, a cute shop that has a nice atmosphere and great coffee.

7. Uncle Joe's Woodshed

There are other stores (including Lock Haven) but this is definitely a store to stop at. Lots of cool finds in here, especially once the Christmas shop is open!

8. The Clay Cup

Another nice coffee shop in downtown Altoona that provides a nice, cozy spot to pass time. They also offer pottery painting!

9. The Mishler Theater

Another great place in Altoona to check out. Plays and other events are held here, as well as the rumor that it's haunted (every elementary schoolers biggest fear).

10. Benzels Pretzels

If you like pretzels of any kind, you have to stop here.

11. Boyer Candies

Home of the mallow cup!

12. Allegheny Crepes and Creamery

While this is actually in historic Hollidaysburg, it's still a spot worth checking out. They have a very open atmosphere and delicious food!

13. The Knickerbocker

A large restaurant with great food.

14. The Railroaders Museum

If you like trains, you should probably check out this area.

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