Niall Horan released his debut album, “Flicker” on Oct. 20 and fans collectively lost their minds. The album arrived more than a year after he released his first single, “This Town”, which is featured as the second track on the album.

Horan’s tone throughout the album is largely melancholy, but there are 14 lyrics that every girl, regardless of whether they are a fan or not, will love.

1. “When I look down the line / At the man I wanna be / I've always known from the start / That it ends with you and me.”

2. “Hey, I see you from a different point of view / I feel it's too good to be true / I found my missing piece.”

3. “It's a hard road / As far as I can see / I don't where I'm going / But I'll get back to you and me.”

4. “And I will steady your hand / When you're losing your grip / Even if I don't understand / You can talk to me / And I will steady your hand.”

5. “Since we're alone / Show me all that you are / And if you get lost in the light / It's OK, I can see in the dark.”

6. “Then I look in my heart / There's a light in the dark / Still a flicker of hope that you first gave to me / That I wanna keep.”

7. “There's a reservoir in your eyes / That you've been holding back a long time, what's wrong?”

8. “In this house of broken hearts / We made our love out of stacks of cards / And yes we tried, to hold on tight / Cause we knew our love was hard to find.”

9. “I've got a young heart / And it's wild and free / I don't know where it starts / But it ends with you and me.”

10. “Darling you don't have to hold it / You don't have to be afraid / You can go ahead and unload it / 'Cause you know it'll be OK / Fire away.”

11. “My shadow's dancing / Without you for the first time / My heart is hoping / You'll walk right in tonight.”

12. “'Cause we're two kids / Trying to start a fight / No matter where we go / Yeah, we'll be alright.”

13. “You still make me nervous when you walk in the room / Them butterflies, they come alive when I'm next to you.”

14. “Don't let the tide come and wash us away / Don't let the tide come and take me / I just want a safe place to hide us away / So don't let the tide come and take me.”