14 Better Valentines Than That Fuckboy You're About To Text

It's so hard to fall into a pit of desperation around Valentine's Day to get your fix of romance on the holiday that you might result to that boy on your phone that just wants a one night stand, not you. So put your guard up and spend some time with the people who actually want you or the things that just make you happy.

1. Your best friend.

They are the best and they deserve some love on Valentine's Day, even if it's just platonic love.

2. Your pet.

Whether they are a dog, a cat, or a fish they will always love and appreciate you. They also won't text you at 3 am asking you to "come over".

3. Netflix.

Netflix and Chill, with yourself girl.

4. Your grandma.

If your grandma is as sweet as mine, she deserves the quality time spent with her granddaughter. Send her some flowers, get her some chocolate. She deserves this.

5. Your bed.

She will always support you... and your back.

6. The gym.

Workout, your endorphins will love you and you will feel so much better than any rude boy could.

7. Your sorority sisters.

If you're in a sorority this one is a no brainer. Ditch the frat boys to spend some quality time with your sisters.

8. Red wine.

Split a bottle with your best friend or pour yourself a bottle and watch "The Notebook", either situation is ideal.

9. Timothee Chalamet.

We don't know him personally, but he's nice to look at and that should be enough to take your mind off of a fuckboy. Also, he speaks French. Oh La La!

10. The bathtub.

Throw in a bath bomb, put on a face mask, you've got yourself a spa day.

11. The nail salon.

Speaking of a spa day, the nail salon is a perfect opportunity to make your nails look amazing while also spending quality time with your friends.

12. The movies.

Get your friends together and see the chick flick that's in theaters or that Oscar nom that you've been dying to see.

13. Chocolate.

You can buy yourself chocolate for Valentine's Day, we won't tell anyone.

14. Yourself.

Because if you can't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?

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