With midterms and finals coming up I think it is very easy for us all to be concerned with grades, studying, and how to email our professors without letting him or her know we are crying on the other side of the screen. During this time pulling an all nighter or spending 8 hours at a coffee shop working suddenly seems to be the up and coming trendy thing to do.

So here are some ways to let your hair down and play a little during these stressful times -

1. Watch a flipping movie - no, not of the book you were supposed to read for class but a good "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" movie.

2. Go eat some food that is NOT Chik Fil A or Chipotle - NOURISH YOURSELF.

3. Accept those "afternoon sleeps" and take a phat nap.

4. Go on Spotify and allow yourself to fall into a rabbit hole of finding new music.

5. Ignore your planner and get 8 hours of sleep.

6. Read a book!! (sorry English major here).

7. TALK with your friends, not COMPLAIN.

8. Honestly, cry - sometimes you need that damp sleeve action.

9. Go shopping and buy yourself a comfy sweater from the Goodwill.

10. Dress like a bum - you don't have to look good for that 8 AM.

(especially at Belmont with that 70:30 ratio - am I right ladies?)

11. Read the GOOD WORD (aka the Bible if you haven't heard).

12. Go be outside - being trapped studying indoors leads to "lobster" syndrome.

13. Color or write or paint or decorate, I don't know, be creative because that is IMPORTANT.