13 Thoughts You Had While Watching the Bachelor Season Finale

For the past three months, we've spent every Monday night sprawled out on our couch with a giant bowl of ice cream, drooling over the Bachelor Ben Higgins, and crying wondering why we don't look hotter than the 30 year olds on the show. Finally the day came that we were able to live vicariously through the show's season finale and form feelings of happiness and bliss through the joyous, beautiful engagement as the episode concluded. It's safe to say we all had a variety of thoughts during the three-hour special, but here's 13 that definitely crossed our minds.

1. He's definitely going to pick Lauren. I can tell.

2. Wait ... now it seems like he's going to pick JoJo ...

3. I definitely like Lauren Better.

4. But him and JoJo get so deep ...

5. How could he possibly think he's unloveable ... Like, seriously?

6. Why did he have to tell them both that he loved them? Idiot. I'll hold you while you cry over it though, Ben.

7. At least JoJo gets to go out in style ... When I get dumped I don't ride off in a limo ...

8. I want a love like Lauren and Ben. So. Happy.

9. I totally shouldn't be crying. But I totally am.

10. Even their families are perfect together. What is my life.

11. This is so sad that a TV show is making me smile more than real life.

12. Maybe I could find love on this show ...

13. Bachelor Nation here I come! Get ready for me, Chris Harrison!

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