13 Things My Mother Taught Me
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13 Things My Mother Taught Me

Because mothers really do know best.

13 Things My Mother Taught Me
Alexia Morton

My mother is the most beautiful, kind and wonderful person I know (that might sound a little bias, but I really believe it's true). She has worked so hard and sacrificed so much in order to provide me with everything I have ever needed (and wanted), and I am forever grateful for that. Along with the endless amount of love, encouragement and support (and shopping sprees), I am most thankful for all of the lessons that she has taught me over the years.

1. How to Be Independent

My mother has always been fiercely independent. She does what she wants, when she wants. She does whatever it takes to make the things she wants happen, and she doesn't need anyone's approval but her own. While I have always been more dependent and relied on the opinions of others, my mother has taught me the importance of being an independent person (and the power and perks that come with it).

2. How to Cook

If you know my mother, you know that she is an amazing cook. Although she doesn't usually adhere to recipes, her food is always delicious. I remember sitting at the kitchen table watching her throw different ingredients into pots and pans (which was whatever we had on-hand at the moment). I'd ask her if I could help stir or pour something into one of the several bowls she'd have out on the counter (although I was most interested in licking the spoon). As I've gotten older, this activity of watching my mother in the kitchen hasn't really changed; however, instead of asking to help crack an egg or stir the brownie mix, I ask how I can cook these things myself (I still lick the spoon, though).

3. How to Apply Makeup

Watching my mother get ready for work everyday was another one of my favorite activities as a child. I'd sit on the floor or the edge of the bathtub while my mother curled her hair and put on her makeup. From watching her over the years, I learned how to choose the right foundation, take it easy on the eyeliner and contour and highlight flawlessly (you did it before it was cool, Mom!).

4. Modesty Can Be Sexy

I can't even count the amount of times growing up that I would traipse down the stairs, wearing some ridiculous outfit, and my mother would send me back to my room to cover up. "Would you want your father to see you dressed like that? Or your grandmother?," is what she would usually say. While I loathed her for not letting me out of the house dressed like a tramp (everyone else's mom let them!), I am now grateful she made me change before going out. From her I have learned that you don't have to be half naked to feel attractive and that modesty can be sexy.

5. How to Turn on the Charm

My mother is the queen of talking her way out of things and getting what she wants. Over the years, I've watched my mother smile and talk her way out of speeding tickets, return items without tags or receipts, and get my father to go along with her crazy ideas (and spur of the moment vacations, shopping trips and other adventures). From her, I have learned that a smile and some charisma can go a long way and that you certainly catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

6. That Sex Shouldn't Be Taken Lightly

While my mother never tried to deter me from sex and certainly didn't harp on me about the importance of abstinence and waiting for marriage, she made it very clear that it wasn't something to be taken lightly. Not only did she teach me the importance of safe sex, but she also taught me about the feelings and emotions that come with having a sexual relationship (feelings that most teenage boys probably won't experience) and that once you do it, you can't take it back. My mother didn't teach me to wait for marriage, but she definitely taught me to wait for love.

7. That Guys Will Tell You What You Want To Hear

Time and time again, my mother has told me that boys will telling you anything (and I mean anything) you want to hear in order to get into your pants. They will tell you they love you, they are going to marry you someday, and that you will be together forever, but refuse to go to bed with them and see how quickly most of them will leave and move on to another girl who will (and who obviously didn't have a mother like mine to warn her about guys like him).

8. That The Right Guy Will Love You For You

While there might not be another guy out there quite like my father (Mom, I'm sure you agree), I have learned that the right guy will love you for exactly who you are. My mother taught me that the right man will love me unconditionally and without limitations. Whether you are fat or skinny, ugly or pretty, rich or poor, the right guy will love you at your best and at your worst and through all of the ups and downs of life (and that is the man worth waiting for).

9. That Relationships Are Not One-Way Streets

After mentioning several things my mother taught me about boys and dating, I think it's important to mention that relationships are not one-way streets. My mother taught me that relationships are partnerships and that the man in my life is not and will never be my servant, ATM, chauffeur, or anything else that can be categorized by a task or chore. Instead, relationships should be treated as partnerships. That being said, my mother has shown me (through her relationship with my father) that each person is required to give as much (if not more). It was from my mother that I learned that relationships be built on mutual love, fidelity, patience, kindness, communication, compromise, and friendship.

10. How to Be A Good Host & Gracious Guest

My mother has always been a wonderful host (she's known for her over the top NYE parties and Christmas dinners that could feed an army). She has not only taught me how to throw amazing parties and family dinners, but has taught me the importance of being a good guest, as well. From her I have learned how to greet and entertain guests as a host and to never show up empty-handed and without plenty of thanks as a guest (not to mention, champagne fountains and feather boas can really liven up a party!).

11. The Power of Retail Therapy

Whenever I had a bad day at school or some stupid boy broke my heart, my mother always came to the rescue with the perfect solution—retail therapy. She would take me shopping and a few sweaters and pairs of shoes later, I would always feel much better. While my mother is a bit of a shopaholic herself, she has taught me that there is real power in retail therapy (even if it's just window shopping).

12. What Unconditional Love Really is

Through all these years (yes, even those terrible twos and moody teenage years) my mother has loved me unconditionally, even when I was hard to love. She has always put my sister and I before herself and would do anything to keep us safe, healthy and happy. She has sacrificed so much and has worked so hard and I could not be more thankful for that. My mother has provided me with endless amounts of love, support, encouragement, advice, and guidance and she has taught me that there is no love more unconditional than a mother's love.

13. How to Be A Mother Myself

When the time comes, I hope that I am half as amazing and wonderful a mother as my own (trust me, that would be quite the accomplishment). She has taught me important life lessons that I will teach my own children one day and skills that I will carry with me into motherhood (including baking the best chocolate chip cookies and making sure my daughter takes it easy on the blue eyeshadow and body glitter). It is because of my mother, and all of the affection, guidance and love that she has given me over the years, that I will know how to be a mother myself someday.

So thank you, Mom, for teaching me all of these wonderful, interesting, practical and important skills and lessons that I will carry with me through life and for loving me unconditionally and without limitations (and just know, I love you back).

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