13 Reasons Why We Need California Agriculture
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13 Reasons Why We Need California Agriculture

Learn some interesting facts about California Ag.

13 Reasons Why We Need California Agriculture
markie hageman

As much as everyone dislikes California for its politics, it is an amazing and diverse area for agriculture. Clearly, I have a passion for advocating the industry in this State, so I decided to list a few cool things about AG in California in hopes of raising awareness for the importance of keeping agriculture there.

1. California grows over a third of the country's vegetables and two thirds of the country's fruits and nuts. It leads all other states in farm income. (cdfa.com)

2. There are over 400 different crops grown in the state, some of which are not grown anywhere else in the nation. (netstate.com)

3. California is second in production of livestock behind Texas. (netstate.com)

4. There are over 77,500 farms and ranches, generating over 47 billion dollars in income. (nass.usda.gov)

5. The dairy industry is California's leading commodity in cash receipts. and 189,000 jobs depend on the states dairy industry alone. (nass.usda.gov and californiadairypressroom.com)

6. 43 million acres, of California's 100 million total, is dedicated to farmland. (cdfa.ca.gov)

7. Farm Labor in California is mostly made up of undocumented Hispanic workers and there are over 830,000 workers in the ag industry alone. (ucanr.edu)

8. Almost all sushi in America is made with rice grown in California. (agpresidents.com)

9. Tulare County-My home county, and my home town's name- is the national leader in dairy production. (agcensus.usda.gov)

10. California is the world's 5th largest supplier of food. (seametrics.com)

11. California is the leading wine producing and consuming state in the nation. (wineinstitute.org)

12. California is home to more than 2,000 soils, located in the state’s unique blend of valleys, foothills, mountains, coastal areas and deserts. (beef2live.com)

13. Close to 90% of California’s citrus acreage is located in the five leading counties, namely Fresno, Kern, Tulare, Ventura and Riverside. Three of these counties (Fresno, Kern and Tulare) are located in the Central Valley. (cdfa.ca.gov)

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