13 Reason Why I'm Ready for Fall

13 Reason Why I'm Ready for Fall

Summer I'm going to let you finish, but fall is the best time of the year.

Summer is great and all, but after the two months the 90+ degree weather starts to get annoying and can be a complete bummer if you actually want to look like cute. Because no one likes to walk outside and by the time they reach the car their soaked in sweat. Fun in the sun can be great sometimes but here are 13 reasons why you should be excited for fall.

1. The weather

You can actually wear makeup without having to worry about it melting off your face.

2. Pumpkin Spice Latte

because we're all basic.

3. Fall scents

They make any room smell amazing!

4. College football

Tailgating: booze, wings, and pizza do I need to say more?

5. The colorful leaves

It's nature's art.

5. Scarves

6. Comfy sweaters

7. L.L Bean Boots

8. Bonfires

Stay warm by the fire while listening to music and hanging out with friends.

9. Halloween

10. Carve Pumpkins

11. Apple picking

12. Thanksgiving

Spend time with the family and eat about five pounds worth of food in one sitting.

13. Cuddling

A great way to spend quality time with bae.

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The Stresses of Break

When you just want to be able to rest but can't

We have all gone away and now returned back to school. I feel that, in a sense, many things haven't changed, but that's not really the case. Truth be told, things have changed in crazy and dramatic ways. When I got back to college I faced a familiar problem. I would ask people how break was and the answer would come, "It was good," and that is where everything ends. Then they ask me how my break went and I can't help but feel my heart drop. I want to say, "Oh yeah, it was all nice and dandy." But honestly, my break was horrible. I had to do things over my break that stretched me to new limits; I cried, I got angry and snapped and said some things that I shouldn't have. These are things that, if they ever happen to me, happen on such a rare occasion, and some of the things are completely new. I went to a bunch of places: Charleston in South Carolina, then Atlanta, then Brevard in North Carolina, then I came home and finally I went to Buffalo for the end of my break. By the time I went to Buffalo, things had just gotten out of hand and I needed to get away from home to truly be able to rest.

First, we went to see my aunt, as a whole family. After a six-hour drive to Charleston, West Virginia, we reached my aunt's house. It was a fairly uneventful night. The next day my uncle took us on a tour of the city, showing us the old houses and old city buildings. Later that day, my family went to a fort which had helped to mount an attack on Fort Sumner. The fort was really interesting and we saw a dolphin swimming in the waves of the bay. That night, we had a small fire with my aunt and uncle, and things unraveled. First I had to stop someone from running away, then there was a trip to the ER, and finally, someone was put in long-term care at the hospital. From all this, I had to go eventually go see my counselor at college. I wasn't in a good spot until then.

Next, we drove five hours to my other aunt's house who lived in Atlanta. When we arrived, we had dinner and tried to relax. The next day my brother went for a run and tried to burn some steam off. That night we had a family gift exchange, and it was awesome.

The following morning we packed up again and proceeded to go to Brevard where my Grandma lives. The morning after getting there I was able to go for a nice long walk and try to clear my mind. That same day my mom, sister, grandma, and I went to see some really cool gingerbread houses, and my mom and I were able to go and see some awesome waterfalls. It was a nice time to just be able to relax and get some time with my mom to talk about all the things that were bothering me and that I had been wanting to discuss all of break.

After getting home, I decided to go to Buffalo and spend time with my sister. To be perfectly honest, it was the only time that I was able to really rest and relax. The two days I spent in Buffalo were the best and most enjoyable part of my break. I was just able to spend time in the Word, time praying, and also time having fellowship with some really awesome people.

That was my break; I told some people that, but not all of them. I really want to talk to more people and tell them what really happened over my break, but not just that. I also want people to tell me about their breaks and how they went. I know I am not tight-knit with everyone, but it would be nice to know a little more about what others did and what happened to them.

When you see your friends, either after a break or weekend try to dive deep and see how their breaks went. If something is bothering them, be willing to listen and let them open up.

Cover Image Credit: HogtownDad

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The best Features and Benefits of Pillow top Mattress

Features & Benefits of a Pillow Top Mattress

Most of the people want to relax at home and take proper rest after their busy schedule and work. In such case, the pillow top mattress is the best choice for you as they are soft and provide superb comfort making you feel warm to sleep for a long time. You can find the popular pillow top mattress everywhere if you when to buy a new mattress.

Why you need to choose pillow top mattress:

Pillow top mattress is manufactured with memory foam, so they are helpful to give you relief from pain and provides better comfort.

Pillow top Mattress consist of additional padding stitched top layer similar to Euro-top beds, and these mattresses are so soft with a uniform appearance. The extra padding can be anything such as memory foam, fibrefill cotton, latex, wool or regular foam. Pillow top mattresses have even more added benefits in the winter season. Pillow top mattresses are the luxury mattress in the world. The user can enjoy a lot of benefits by using this pillow top mattress.

You can find airbeds and innerspring beds included in the pillow top mattress 

Benefits and significant features of pillow top mattress:

Luxury with pillow top mattress: the pillow top mattress offers comfort to you and is good for the pressure points of your body as it automatically adjusts. You can have a sweet long sleep since it won’t get disturbed by your changing position during sleep and absorbs the movement.

Offers full support: pillow top is manufactured with more cushion, and they are substantial as a result they provide more support when you sleep on it. The pillow top mattresses are the best supportive mattress as it gets adjusted to all pressure points of the body. The pillow top mattress checks that the moment at one part won’t reach the other end of the bed.

Eases pain: as the pillow top is made with full of cushion to support all body part such as hips, shoulders, back and spin. The extra cushion in this pillow top mattress tends to relieve the body pains so that you can sleep happily.

Lasts for a very long time: the pillow top mattress lost for a very long time when compared with that of a traditional mattress. You can enjoy the reduced wear and tear of the pillow top main body due to the inner cushion of the intermediate layer. The pillow top mattress will return to its initial shape after every single use it observes the body weight, and it avoids the wearing down.

Best to buy:

The pillow top mattresses are made with a variety of materials and natural materials of top choices. Because the quality of the product the pillow top mattress are a little bit expensive than a non-pillow top mattress, but they have added benefits and comfort. The pillow top beds also made with spring system so that your partner won’t get disturbed while you change your position.

Thus pillow top mattresses are the best investment you can have an assured comfort and healthy sleep. At present tri fold memory foam mattress has been being most popular in the market for anytime and anywhere use too.

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