13 Reason Why I'm Ready for Fall

13 Reason Why I'm Ready for Fall

Summer I'm going to let you finish, but fall is the best time of the year.

Summer is great and all, but after the two months the 90+ degree weather starts to get annoying and can be a complete bummer if you actually want to look like cute. Because no one likes to walk outside and by the time they reach the car their soaked in sweat. Fun in the sun can be great sometimes but here are 13 reasons why you should be excited for fall.

1. The weather

You can actually wear makeup without having to worry about it melting off your face.

2. Pumpkin Spice Latte

because we're all basic.

3. Fall scents

They make any room smell amazing!

4. College football

Tailgating: booze, wings, and pizza do I need to say more?

5. The colorful leaves

It's nature's art.

5. Scarves

6. Comfy sweaters

7. L.L Bean Boots

8. Bonfires

Stay warm by the fire while listening to music and hanging out with friends.

9. Halloween

10. Carve Pumpkins

11. Apple picking

12. Thanksgiving

Spend time with the family and eat about five pounds worth of food in one sitting.

13. Cuddling

A great way to spend quality time with bae.

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Popular Right Now

An Open Letter To Every Athlete On Their Senior Night

"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened"

Dear Seniors,

For many of you, today was a day that you had always wished would come sooner, only to find that when the day arrived wishing for it to come was the last thing you truly ever wanted.

When stepping out onto the court or field or rink for the very last time today, take a moment to stand quietly and look out into the crowd, look to your teammates, to your coaches, and to your fellow seniors, and remember the way this made you feel, as this is a feeling you will remember for the rest of your life.

Today and every day moving forward will be filled with memories that will last you a lifetime.

Today is a day bound to be filled with endless amounts of tears, both happy and sad, so let it be. Let these feelings consume you, and serve as a reminder that no matter where you may go in life from this very moment, that you have made a family of your own. That you have changed the lives of others by just simply being in theirs.

That all the little things were really the big things, like the nicknames you had for your teammates, or your favorite song to sing in the locker room before a game. These things that never seemed to mean anything at the time are all the things that you will carry with you when you leave this place you call your home away from home.

On this day, years from now you will not remember the wins and losses of each season, but the people that took this journey with you and never let you look back.

The teammates that picked you up and carried you through the good and the bad of each day. The ones that taught you to see the good in all things. The ones who never let you live down the stupid things you did, mainly because they did them with you. And even the ones that you couldn't stand 99.9% percent of the time.

You will remember the coaches that pushed you and never let you give up.

You will remember all the times they yelled and made you run until you couldn't walk. The times that they depended on you to be the leaders we all knew you could be. But more than any of that, you will remember the opportunity they gave you to play the game you learned to love, the game that changed your life, the game that taught you more lessons about life, love and dedication than anything ever could.

On this day I ask you to remember a few things. I ask that you remember that the impact you have had on your teammates' lives is unmeasurable, never doubt that. The time you have spent dedicated to this sport that you love was never, EVER a waste of your time, because you are a better person because of it.

I ask you to remember that although the sadness you may hold in your heart overwhelms you, that you have found a part of you along this journey that will help you follow your dreams, whatever they may be.

Play your heart out today, and leave knowing you've given it all you've got just one last time. Leave knowing that you are one of the lucky ones. Remember the love, remember the defeat, remember the laughs and the tears, remember the battle wounds. Remember this feeling, always and forever.

Best of Luck,

Your Biggest Fan

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10 DIY Spooky Season Crafts For Your Halloween-Themed Wine Night

Dollar Tree will be your best friend this Halloween season!


Arts and crafts are always a lot of fun but sometimes they can be costly, here are some ideas that may not break the bank. Get some friends together and craft away!

1. Mask decorating ($5-10)


- Pack of clear masks

- Paint (either get the single packet with a paintbrush for a few kids or buy 3-4 different bottles of paint)

- Paintbrushes

- Glue

- Feathers

- Gems/Jewels


- Paint the mask with whatever colors you like

- Accesorize it with gems, feathers, and jewels

- Wait for it to dry

- Put it on and LOOK FABULOUS

2. Skeletons ($3-5)


- Card stock

- Glue

- Cotton swabs



- Take a piece of card stock

-Stencil a skeleton with your pencil

-Take the glue and glue the cotton swabs along the outline

- Let it dry and hang it on the fridge for the world to see!

3. Face painting ($1-4)


- Packet of face paint


-Open the packet and get spooky!

4. Pumpkin Carving ($3-8)


-Pumpkin (you can either get a foam one or a real one, up to you)

- Pumpkin carving kit

- Pencil or Marker

- Small candle (optional)


- Create an outline of what you would like to draw

- Carve a hole at the top of your pumpkin and gut it

- Carve out the outline you had drawn

- Place the candle inside and light it up

- Take the top you carved out and close it back up

5. Create a hay ride (Varies)



- Wagon or cart

- Hay


- Fill the wagon or cart with hay

- Put the kids in

- Take them for a hay ride in the backyard or around the neighborhood

6. Spooky Bowling ($4-8)


- Ball

- 6 tin cans

- Acrylic paint

- Googly eyes


- Paint the tin cans into mummies, monsters, bats, vampires, etc.

- Place some googly eyes an your pins are complete

- Arrange them by placing 3 in the back then 2 in front of those and 1 in the very front

- Throw or roll the ball (depending on size)

- Happy Bowling!

7. Paper Plate Candy Holder ($2-4)


- Paper plates

- Markers

- Paint

- Stapler


- Cut the plate into a half circle

- Staple each side to each other

- Attach wings, eyes, or any other accessory

- It doesn't have to be a bat, get some green plates and create Frankenstein's monster!

8. Toilet Roll Monsters ($2-5)


- Toilet Rolls

- Scissors

- Card stock

- Glue


- Cut out some card stock to begin your roll; leave leftover toilet paper and create a mummy roll

- Attach some wings

- Cut out some eyes or anything else

- BONUS: Place a string through them and hang them around the house so they look like they are flying

9. Personalize a Halloween Wreath


- Get some spooky spiders

- Pick out your favorite accessories

- Wreath

- Garland


- Wrap the wreath in a garland of your choosing

- Attach all your spooky accesories

- Hang it on the front door of your house/room

10. Cape Chaos



- Cape/ cloth

- Halloween accessories


- For this final activity, all you have to do is buy a cape from the dollar store

-Then purchase all your favorite Halloween accessories

- Decorate your cape, put on your mask, grab your candy holder and fly into this spooky season

Have fun this spooky season without breaking the bank! Happy crafting everyone!

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