The Disney College Program for any Disney lover is the ultimate dream. You get to work in the happiest place on earth and have a role in creating the magic for each guest. While on your program you get to play in the parks on your days off or go resort hopping. But that’s not all you can do. Here are 13 things you should put on your Disney College Program Bucket List!

1. Attend Festival of The Arts, Flower and Garden Festival, or The Food and Wine festival at Epcot!

Depending on which program you do, Epcot will have different festivals going on during the year. Festival of the Arts and Flower and Garden both take place in the spring whereas Food and Wine takes place from August to November!

2. Do the 4 Parks in One Day Challenge!

Everyone who has ever applied for the college program knows all about the 4 parks in one day challenge! This challenge involves visiting all 4 parks in one day and riding an attraction at each park! You might think it’s easy but it’s actually hard because some of the parks are about a 20 minute bus ride or car ride away from each other!!

3. Play Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom!

This is an activity that is not as well known or popular by people that you can do in magic kingdom! It’s an interactive game where guests use their magic spell cards to help Merlin defeat Disney villains!

4. Do at least one voluntEARS event!

The Disney housing team organizes bi-weekly events you can attend to get more involved and volunteer your time! They visit the Give Kids The World Village and do Toys for Tots! They also provide transportation, so make sure you sign up for at least one of the great opportunities they provide!

5. Make it to the Magic Kingdom at least once for the opening show!

Each day when the Magic Kingdom opens, they have a special show to welcome you to the magic kingdom for the day with some of your favorite characters!

6. Do a character dining meal at least once!

At the character dining, you eat while characters make there way around the restaurant to each table to interact with each guest! There are plenty of character dining restaurants on the property of Walt Disney World, so it’s going to be hard to even try and find the one you want to do!

7. Do at least one Disney race!

Each year Disney has a few races where you run through a park or all of the parks and can meet characters along the way!

8. Stay at one of the resorts!

Disney has a ton of different resorts all with different themes. Make it a point to stay at least one during your college program!!

9. Play Cards at Gaston’s Tavern!

At Gaston’s Tavern in the Magic Kingdom, they have a huge table you can sit at to eat, drink, or play a card game! Since you’re going to be at Disney for 5 or more months it’s definitely a good idea to do something that seems mundane in one of the parks!

10. Fill an entire Epcot passport!

In Epcot, you can get a special passport that you can get stamped in a store in each country from the World Showcase!

11. Take a picture holding all the Disney balloons on Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom!

This is total basic picture that I’ve seen so many people take! The cast member still holds onto the balloons but you’re holding onto the middle of the strings for a perfect cute picture holding balloons with Cinderella’s castle in the background!

12. Swim with Dolphins at Discovery Cove!

At Discovery Cove there are many packages you can choose from to do including add-ons such as swimming with sharks!

13. Do A Backstage Tour!

As a cast member, you get the exclusive perk of being able to sign up for a tour of one of the many attractions at Walt Disney World or other select places in the parks!!

When you're in Disney World for five months, there is so much you can do that you don't even think about! So, next time you visit the happiest place on earth, make sure to cross at least one of these off of your Disney College Program bucket list or Disney vacation list!