13 Men We Want To See #FreeTheBacon
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13 Men We Want To See #FreeTheBacon

in support of Kevin Bacon's newest campaign, of course

13 Men We Want To See #FreeTheBacon

Alright guys, listen up and listen good. I am sick and tired of all these nude scene where the only people being exploited are the women. The most we get out of men is a little side view of their butts, or a smooth shot going down their torsos. Women, though... We bare it all. Well, I for one have had enough, and clearly, I am not the only one.

If you haven’t been keeping up with the latest news and the most current celebrity campaigns, then you obviously haven’t heard the recent plea for more male nudity. Kevin Bacon, earlier this week, released a very serious, very important public service announcement calling out "Game of Thrones" and our beloved "Fifty Shades of Grey," to name a few, on the “unjustifiable” lack of the naked male body. Kevin encourages his male peers to go out and show their butts, balls, and 'wieners' (aka their Bacon).

Mr. Kevin Bacon, sir, I heard you and I am here to help. Here are the 13 male celebrities who need to #FreeTheBacon

1. Joe Manganiello

I mean, just look at him. Clothed, half naked, clean shaven, scruffy, bearded, short hair, long hair. I will take one steaming cup of you, any day, anytime, any way.

Forget Brooke Davis, what’s underneath the clothes, Joe Manganiello?

2. Ben Affleck

Well technically he’s been there and he’s done that, and we were all like...

And this is what Ben Affleck officially had to say about it. (If you don’t know what I’m referring to, please do yourself a favor a watch the shower scene of Gone Girl in slow motion at least two times.)

But let’s be honest one millisecond scene is not justifiable. We want more, Ben. We want more!

3. Chris Evans

Before he was Captain American, he was lighting the fire in my heart as the Human Torch (sorry for the terrible pun, couldn’t help it). Cap, please ditch the tight pants, birthday suits are in and they are calling your name.

4. Chris Pratt

I bet it gets pretty hot guarding the galaxy and chilling with dinosaurs, so you know feel free to keep your shirt off, it’s really no problem for us

5. Scott Eastwood

Howdy, Cowboy. Model/Actor Scott Eastwood has a lot to live up to, but judging by the looks of his latest perfume commercial, I think he’ll be just fine. (He was also Town & Country Mag’s top 50 bachelors of 2014.)

6. Matt Bomer

When Mr. Bomer is not charming his way out of jail, he’s shaking, grinding, twirling, stripping, and seducing his way into our hearts.

Oh, the men of Magic Mike… greatest casting in cinematic history

7. Brock O'Hurn

Part-time personal trainer, part-time man bun extraordinaire, full-time sexy.

8. Idris Elba

Are you though, Idris?

9. Ryan Reynolds

To this day, I envy Sandra Bullock for that scene in "The Proposal."

10. Rob Gronkowski

Super Bowl champion, party boy with some serious moves. He’s like a giant sexy teddy bear.

11. Chris Hemsworth

Just, wow.

12. Michael Ealy

I just want to drown my sorrows in his baby blue eyes.

13. Jamie Dornan

I think we would all really benefit from 50 more shades of Jamie.

If you haven't watched the full campaign, here's the link.

Really, men, this is all to your benefit.

Also, here's another one of Joe...

Sweet dreams, Joe.

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