The most wonderful time of the year is coming. You can feel it in the air and taste it in the pumpkin spice lattes. Everyone knows when the leaves start to change that fall is just around the corner. Many people say that the season creates too much hype, but fall is the most celebrated time of year for a reason. Here's 13 feelings everyone who loves fall understands.

1. When the calendar hits September 1st, it's go time.

It's all uphill from here for the rest of the year.

2. Even if it's 80 degrees outside, you can't pass up the opportunity for fall clothes.

The sweat pouring down your face goes perfectly with your scarf.

3. Every day is Halloween.

*"This Is Halloween" plays on constant loop in the background*

4. If it's available in pumpkin, you're ordering it.

There's no feeling like sipping on your fresh PSL while nibbling on your pumpkin bread, muffin, and cookies.

5. Nothing is more important than Disney Channel's Halloween movie marathon...

Time to check in on Marnie and the gang, the Sanderson sisters, and the Twitches.

6. Or the return of "American Horror Story."

On Wednesdays we wear black.

7. Nothing is more satisfying than the sound of crunching leaves.

Unfortunately we can't ask to make sure, but Harambe probably loved them.

8. You can't contain your excitement when you finally spot the Pillsbury holiday cookies at the grocery store.

Yeah, so they're just normal sugar cookies with pictures on them, but they taste like fall.

9. You plan for your annual pumpkin carving months in advance.

What will it be this year? A black cat in a grave yard or an artistic pumpkin rendition of Harry Styles' face?

10. Stores finally start stocking all of the holiday aisles.

What could be better than leaving Wal-Mart with two boxed Christmas trees, a giant turkey costume, and a skeleton?

11. The whole world smells like cinnamon and Christmas trees.

Including people.... thanks Bath and Body Works winter collection.

12. Fall means Thanksgiving, and Thanksgiving means FOOD.

And giving thanks with family and friends... but mainly food.

13. Christmas is basically next week.

Fall may be the shortest season, but the other eight months are just a pre-game for the real deal. Some may think it's overrated, but most people know the truth. So for all of those fall lovers out there, light your apple cinnamon candles, button up your burnt orange peacoat, kick back with your hot gingerbread latte, and enjoy the most wonderful time of the year. Happy fall, ya'll.