13 Common Problems With Glasses

I got my first pair of glasses in the 4th grade. From then on, glasses became part of my identity, and also a constant annoyance. There's just some day to day stuff that people with perfect vision simply don't understand.

1. That One Smudge

No matter how many times you clean it, this smudge is persistent. Like a faithful pug, it never leaves your glasses side, and it's usually in a place where you look most often, probably dead center.

2. Getting Caught In Hair

Getting your glasses caught in your hair is like a fate worse than death. If you move even a little, you'll feel that slight tug followed by a sharp pang. Luckily, you can usually just open the glasses a little to free your poor locks, but often the damage is done and you just yank the hair out of your head.

3. Or Worse, In Eyebrow

If getting caught in your hair is bad, getting caught in your eyebrows is 18 levels of worse. The hairs are too small to really do anything about, so you end up giving yourself a premature eyebrow makeover and order the tears back into your eyes.

4. People Trying On Your Glasses

If we as a society don't start coming up with more creative reactions than "wow, you're so blind" and "how many fingers am I holding up?" I'm gonna lose my mind. Yes, I know I can't see well; hence the prescribed pieces of clear glass in front of my face. And your fingers are blurred, not missing. One more of those fun rounds and I'm gonna be showing everyone my favorite finger.

5. Sun

You have about 4 choices in terms of sunglasses when you wear normal glasses. You can get transitional lenses, and always be about 10 minutes behind the curve(seriously, those things take FOREVER to change). You can get a separate pair of prescription sunglasses, which becomes a pain to switch anytime you go anywhere. You can get sunglasses that fit over your normal ones that are large, clunky, and make you look like a 70 year old Hollywood wanna-be. Or you can get clip on sunglasses that make you feel like a balding tourist. All of the above are overall unappealing, and I usually end up going without. Do you know how to say "irreparable eye damage"?

6. Rain

As a human, I love the rain for the aesthetic. As someone who wears glasses, rain is the bane of my existence. I'm talking streaks for days after the storm. And trying to see when the rain is on your glasses? It's impossible to explain, and worse to experience.

7. Swimming

Speaking of water, swimming is a whole other nightmare. Being unable to see is frightening enough, but being unable to see and surrounded by water? It's a miracle I've made it this far. When I swim, I can either subject myself to never being able to see, or wearing my glasses and knowing they're destined to be streaky forever.

8. Performing

Glasses have a horrific tendency of flying off your face with too much movement and also not fitting most periods. Therefore, many performers are politely asked and/or forced to perform without glasses on. I do have to say, though, that not being able to see literally anything in the audience helps ease nerves.

9. Not Finding Them

Listen, we all laugh at poor Velma when she loses her glasses, but internally, every glasses wearer is cringing. Waking up and not being able to find your glasses is a nightmare that I live out almost every day. Even if I put them in the same spot, they find a way of migrating overnight and I'm left floundering in my room at 6am.

10. Pushing Up Imagination

Whenever my glasses are off, I always go to push up my glasses even if I know they're not there. It can be super embarassing, especially during performances. I usually pass it off as an itch, but I know someone is looking at me and they know and that's why I'll never rest easy at night.

11. Pictures

Pictures are a nightmare. When I take pictures with my glasses on, the lens glare is actually pretty ridiculous. That, or the glass makes my eyes look wonky. Another of my favorite options is to take my glasses off! Then I look like a freaky swamp monster that nobody can recognize.

12. Dreams Are Blurry

I genuinely don't know if this is me, but I have a common and very frustrating dream of literally never being able to see. No matter how many times I put on my glasses or clean them, I cannot see clearly. It's the actual worst.

13. Bedtime!

Most people I've met agree: as soon as my glasses are off, my brain shuts down. Good luck communicating with me after I've rid myself of my glasses. English no longer exists, and I have transcended into a plane beyond our own.

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