13 Beauty Products I Swear By

13 Beauty Products I Swear By

A list of makeup goods for someone with sensitive skin and eyes

13 Beauty Products I Swear By
Iris Chiu

Over the past few years, I've been an avid subscriber of beauty boxes and have been caught up in buying beauty products. In other words, you can call me a beauty products hoarder. I believe in using makeup for expression. It's true that it makes me feel more happy and confident when I wear it, but it enhances our natural features, so I tend to use products to create more natural looks. The Eastern and Western style of beauty can be seen juxtaposed in an interesting manner, because the Eastern look favors dewy skin and light eye makeup while Western look enjoys the matte bronzed skin with darker eye makeup.

Thanks to YouTube tutorials and countless hours of internet research and trial and error, I've been able to amass a diverse collection of Eastern and Western makeup products. While sometimes I have been caught up in the cute packages of certain products, such as ones that are of Tonymoly's brand, not every product stands true to the test of the raving reviews that I've read online. I am someone who has sensitive skin, still gets pimples while being in my mid-twenties despite eating healthy, and easily gets dark circles. I am aware that healthy diet, sleep, water, and exercise are even better than the quick fixes that makeup seems to promise, and I am not being paid to endorse any of these products. I am just introducing products that I have used that I am very pleased with, and I hope that someone will find this helpful!

1. MAC Strobe Cream

Strobing is a term I picked up when I read about Gigi Hadid, a celebrity who often takes part in the highlighting trend. This cream is a product that I have been using as a highlighter and under-eye bag area. Sometimes, I use strobe cream on my entire face to help achieve that wholesome, dewy look that Korean actresses aspire to. I find it quite lovely because it's light and looks natural but brightens up the face, just as it promises.

2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette

Though I am a more frequent user of Anastasia Beverly Hills Mario Palette, that line was discontinued. However, the Modern Renaissance Palette is another matte eye shadow palette that blends just as well with beautiful, highly pigmented colors. I am by no means a makeup artist but eventually learned how to create a gradient eye shadow effect on my monolids-- and the colors are long lasting. My eyes are sensitive, but I've never once had an issue with the palette. The first time I came across this palette was when I was returning a pair of shoes at a store and I back-tracked to compliment the cashier on her eyeshadow application. Turns out limited edition palettes are all not just hype!

3. Tatcha Dewy Skin Mist

This facial toner rejuvenates the skin and keeps your makeup fresh. Its container looks simply elegant in misty light purple. I used to think facial toners were extra beauty products that are unnecessary, but I have definitely observed a difference after I've used this toner. I am able to achieve a more luminescent look.

4. Alima Pure Satin Matte Foundation

This powder foundation has many shades of skin included in the collection. I believe you can order samples to match your skin. The foundation I used was Warm 3, which was a little more fair than my current skin color but still very close. This foundation is long-lasting, and my sensitive skin does not break out after using this.

5. Alima Pure Mineral Bronzer

I've tried a couple of different bronzers and learned through horrifying experiences that you can look quite hallowed out if you use bronzers incorrectly...but once you get the hang of it, I've realized that the Mauna Loa shade from Alima Pure's bronzers, especially, is a great natural way to bring out a subtle natural glow in your cheeks. If you're not into that overly plastic chiseled jawline look, this is a great way to give your face some definition!

6. Wei Beauty Five Sacred Grains Rapid Glow Liquid Milk

I received this first as a sample size product from a beauty box, and I very skeptically used this overnight. It's light and cool on the skin. I don't think my skin reacted as well as to snail mucus or ampoules, but from the start, I felt like my skin was drinking it all up. Hydration achieved! The morning after applying this to my face, my face is slightly glowing, and my face feels soft.

7. Pacifica Color Quench Lip Tint

Staying with the natural look theme, I haven't taken to using many lipsticks. However, sugared fig from this lip tint line has me coming. Not only does it taste sweet on the lips, it puts a rosy color on your lips without being overwhelming or too bold. It gives a long-lasting hue that's good for a day and night occasion.

8. Macqueen Waterproof Eyeliner Set

This glides effortlessly across my lids. Whereas liquid liner can have me coming for second tries when my attempts have failed, it's easy to line your eyes like a pro when you're using these pencil eyeliners. These neutral colors are gorgeous, and even though they do have shimmer, it's not overly glitz.

9. Shiseido eyelash curler

There are many versions of this eyelash curler, but this has been one of the beauty brands that has produced a curler that has been able to give my stubborn downward facing lashes their curl. A few months ago, a friend had hired a makeup artist to do my makeup for her wedding, and their eyelash curler did not curl my eyelashes as effectively as this does. Those pesky lashes that are in the upper corner of your eyes don't go amiss, and I never find myself snagging any lashes on the curler, which I have experienced with some other lash curlers I've tried.

10. PONY EFFECT Ultimate Prep Primer

I didn't think I needed to purchase a good primer, but I was wearing makeup for many hours at a time, and as I became more proficient at applying makeup, I'd use more products. I didn't like that my makeup didn't look as good at the end of the day, so I decided to invest in this primer, which is not only light in density but clean smelling and lightly fragrant. It has maintained the pristine state of my looks for over 12+ hours. My skin is a combination of dry and oily, so kudos to this primer for keeping my skin calm even when I use makeup!

11. Mineral Fusion Eye Pencils

As long as you have a pencil sharpener set aside for this, you can use this eye pencil for a long time. It's easy to tightline, and again, it's good for sensitive eyes. An ingredient called dimethacone is often a culprit for irritating people's eyes--and this happens to be one of the few lines of eye pencils that doesn't contain it. Worth a try!

12. Cosrx acne pimple patch

I stumbled upon this item in a beauty box I had received, and oh, it's an interesting one. Ever have those pesky pimples that you are afraid won't disappear before a date? These hydro-colloid stickers are translucent so you can even apply them onto your skin during the daytime and see them work magic on whiteheads in a few hours. There are different size stickers to apply onto your skin. They literally suck the gunk out of your pimple and efficiently zaps away your pimple!

13. Garnier Micellar Water

This is by far the most accessible product on this list, considering the fact that you can grab it at a local pharmacy. Buy a few sets of cotton patches, and you're on your way to using it with ease. If you're lazy about removing makeup, this is a good way to remove the most stubborn makeup lingering on your face after a few seconds. No harsh rubbing on the face either--it smoothly cleans your pores without chemicals and leaves your skin feeling new again.

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