12 Weird Things That Your Dog Does
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12 Weird Things That Your Dog Does

For dog owners everywhere!

12 Weird Things That Your Dog Does

Having a dog is great and all, but have you ever noticed the weird things that they do? I love my dog, but he does some crazy stuff! Nobody really knows what is going on in your dog's mind.

1. Butt-Scooting

I guess they can't help it. When their butt itches they can't exactly scratch it themselves.

2. Watching You While You're On The Toilet

Prepare yourself for never being alone in the bathroom ever again.

3. Watching You

You're sitting on the couch after a long day of work and your dog literally stands on the couch inches from your face and watches you. It's almost like they are waiting for you to do something interesting.

4. Chewing Your Underwear

Why do they do this?

5. Sniffing Stranger's Crotches

This is awkward for not only you, but the violated guest.

6. Finding Something Dead/Dirty And Rolling In It

I have no explanation for this. I do not know why the dog would want something that gross all over themselves, but it's a pain.

7. Eating Grass

I was told that they did this when they had an upset stomach, but this is still weird.

8. Tilting Their Heads When You Talk To Them

They try so hard to understand!

9. Peeing On Tires

Why do they do this?

10. Walking Through Puddles

I am pretty sure that they do this to annoy us.

11. Sniffing Their Own Poop

I have no explanation.

12. Eating Their Vomit

It's so gross.

Some of the weirdest things that dogs do can also be the cutest things that they do. Dog owners, at first this may make you feel uncomfortable, but I promise that you get used to it. I love my weird dog.

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