Everyone knows going back to school means less time to spend on your hair and makeup if it means you'll get to sleep in five extra minutes. And if you're in college like me, you may not have extra cash to spend on all the makeup products you would like to. However, there are actually a few products that can be used in different ways than you think. Take a look at these 12 useful beauty hacks, which are especially good if you want to save a little bit of time and money:

1. For a tan face...

I don't know about you, but my face is always pale compared to the rest of my body. I've always bought foundation that's a little bit darker than my skin tone in order to make my face match the rest of my body. But sometimes I end up looking orange. And other times I don't feel like wearing anything too heavy on my face. Recently, I've been wearing BB cream that's too dark for my face. It's sheer enough that it gives me a subtle tan and a bit of a glow. Try this inexpensive product from Maybelline in the shade medium or medium/deep.

2. Don't have the time to draw on freckles every day?

Take a toothbrush and spray it with some alcohol or facial spray. Then, rub the toothbrush in some dark brown powder or contour powder. Lightly flick the bristles and spray it on parts of your face to create a natural freckle look.

Another technique involves self-tanner. Simply take self-tanning mousse and, using a small makeup brush, dot the self-tanner on your face to create the look of freckles. Leave on for about five minutes (more or less depending on your preference). When you wash your face there will be faint "freckles" left behind!

3. Do this for stellar cheekbones.

Grab a super dense, angled brush for this. Dip it in your bronzer, suck in your cheeks, and literally draw a light line on your cheekbones. Then, take a fluffy brush and blend it out just a bit. If you don't have a dense, angled brush, try cutting a sponge or beauty blender so that you have a nice line shape to work with.

4. How to quickly clean your makeup brush.

If you're in a rush, simply use a piece of tape to clean your makeup brush when going from one color or palette to the other.

5. Out of eyeliner?

Use an angled brush and run it along your mascara wand.

6. Another use for vaseline.

Before bed, I take my face makeup off with a makeup remover wipe, but I take my eye makeup off with vaseline. It even removes waterproof mascara. It's believed that Vaseline helps the eyelashes grow thicker and stronger.

7. Dry your hair with THIS instead.

Stop using a harsh towel and, instead, use a microfiber cloth to dry your hair. You may have heard that a t-shirt works too, but the microfiber cloth will dry your hair efficiently.

8. The secret ingredient for matte nail polish.

Add some cornstarch to your regular nail polish to get that matte effect.

9. How to easily get rid of facial peach fuzz.

Although you'll have to purchase a dermaplaning wand, the tool works wonders if you're self-conscious about any peach fuzz or a light "mustache."

10. Want glowy skin or lighter foundation?

Mix your favorite moisturizer in with your foundation before you apply it.

11. Lipstick or blush?

How about both! If you want to use fewer products or save money, try using a light, rose-colored lipstick as your blush instead of buying a powder blush. This product from Benefit was made for this purpose.

12. Heat your eyelash curler.

While too much heat is never safe, heating your eyelash curler a touch can help even the most stubborn lashes. Simply put your blow dryer on warm and direct it at your eyelash curler for about 10 seconds. If you don't have the time to use a blow dryer, hot water also works. Run the curler under hot water for about 10-20 seconds. For both techniques, make sure the metal isn't too hot before going anywhere near your eye. Make sure you touch the eyelash curler to the back of your hand to test the temperature.