12 Things I Did Not Want To Receive For Christmas

There are some things in life that we put on our Christmas wish lists. There are also items we prefer not to receive. This year, my mom sent out a questionnaire to see what everyone's likes and dislikes were, and items they prefer to receive anytime, and things they'd rather not receive. For example, my brother asked not to receive ties and dress shirts because he hates to dress nice. For his hobbies, he put that he enjoyed sleeping.

Most people are familiar with the song about the twelve days of Christmas, so I combined the idea of that song with the question of things I'd rather not receive this year but did anyway.

1. On the first day of Christmas, I was given one messy apartment

Okay, our place isn't that bad. It just feels like there is always a mess to clean up that I'd rather not deal with.

2. On the second day of Christmas, I was given two full-on acne breakouts

Bring on the holiday breakouts because no one really wants to take cute Christmas pictures, right? #thanksschool

3. On the third day of Christmas, I was given three papers I didn't want to write

5. On the fifth day of Christmas, I was given five grueling exams

6. On the sixth day of Christmas, I was given six all-nighters

So, approaching me without a cup of coffee in my hand is probably a bad idea.

7. On the seventh day of Christmas, I was given seven last-minute assignments

Or when they are emailed to you. Over Thanksgiving break...

8. On the eighth day of Christmas, this semester took eight lives from me.

I'm on my last one. With five more semesters to go before I graduate.

9. On the ninth day of Christmas, I was given nine failed diets

Starting a diet right before the holidays? Such a bad idea...

10. On the tenth day of Christmas, I was given ten events to attend all at the same time

Now, how can I clone myself eight different times?

11. On the eleventh day of Christmas, I was left with eleven dollars in my bank account

And that is after checking under the seat cushions for extra change. I guess everyone is getting hugs for Christmas!

12. On the twelfth day of Christmas, I was given twelve nervous breakdowns.

Tomorrow may bring the thirteenth.

Alright, you got me. I may have been exaggerating just a bit. There will always be things we don't want to get or that we just don't want to do. I hope your list of things you rather not have/ to do isn't too long before Christmas break comes!

In all honesty, we shouldn't complain about unwanted items we receive for Christmas when there are people all over the world who do not receive anything. I would gladly give my last eleven dollars to buy a meal for someone who won't eat on Christmas day.

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